Romance is in the Fall Air

Fall-DCWhile some people have summer flings or spring romances, the fall can be a very romantic time, too.  Romance is in the fall air now, so it’s time to take advantage of it.  There are a number of romantic things you can do in the cool fall.

•    Watch the leaves change.  You can drive through some very scenic areas near Washington, D.C. and check out the gorgeous fall foliage.  If you don’t mind the chilly weather, you can also go for a walk or a jog through one of the many parks in the city and see the changing leaves up close and personal.

•    Light your fireplace, if you have one.  Nothing is more romantic than cuddling by the fire, even if you’re just watching TV.

•    Go to one of the great theater or musical events in the area.

•    Go holiday shopping together.  Even though many guys might groan at this, it can be a lot of fun if you approach it with a positive attitude.  Plus, the earlier you start, the less stress you’ll have in December!

•    Go see one of the new movies coming out.  November and early December are full of blockbusters that you and your special someone might enjoy!

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This Fall’s Hottest Color


If you want to be in on the latest trends, you’ve got to keep up with the color of the season.  For Fall 2013, many fashion designers have decided that color is burgundy.  This color lets you add a rich tone to many different outfits since it works very well with gray, black, white, and navy.  A burgundy jacket, tie, shirt, or even a pair of burgundy pants can give your outfit that touch of color and boldness it needs to really pop.

Most people assume burgundy is simply one color, but many designers break it down into a spectrum of hues ranging from the dark merlot to a fairly pale pink.  Most people tend to think of burgundy as more on the darker side, though, and stick to colors like merlot and sherry.

You can use burgundy to do more than just add some color to your outfit, though.  Many people love to use the color as a part of their home décor.  You’ll find many different items done in burgundy, including sheets, throw pillows, rugs, picture frames, candles, and much more.  Even some furniture comes in burgundy.

Of course, there are also some flowers that could be considered burgundy.  If you love this trendy color, let us help you with your décor—order a bouquet of beautiful flowers in Washington, D.C., today.

Happy Things to Do this Fall in DC

Looking for something fun and happy to do in Washington, DC, this fall?  There’s a lot going on, as always, but the fall and early winter (which is rapidly approaching) is a great time to check out some special events and sights in the capital.  Here are just a few things you can do.

There’s still some great fall foliage to check out, so if you love the outdoors, now’s the time to go hiking, biking, or running.  Some of the best places to go include the U.S. National Arboretum, Shenandoah National Park, and the Rock Creek Park.  If you’re going to one of the parks like Shenandoah, which is out of the main metro area, you might want to take a picnic and make a day out of it.  Since it’s a bit cooler now, be sure to take a jacket with you.

Don’t like the crisp fall weather?  Stay indoors by checking out some of DC’s museums and theaters.  There are a lot of really neat exhibits.  The National Gallery of Art features “Shock of the News,” an exhibit all about media and how we get information.  The Corcoran Gallery, one of the oldest in the country, will be showcasing Richard Diebenkorn, while the Hirshhorn Museum will show the works of Ai Weiwei.

If theater is more your thing, you’ll find some amazing shows at The Kennedy Center (such as War Horse, which runs through November 11), while Signature Theatre and the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company are doing more modern works.

FotoWeekDC runs November 9 through the 18th.  This festival is all about photography and photojournalism.  It’s celebrated throughout the city with displays, lectures, seminars, and other events.

Finally, if sports are your idea of fun, the Washington Redskins season is underway, so check out their home games at FedEx Field!

Flowers make everyone happy, too, so bring some happiness to your home with our great fall flowers in Washington, DC.

Planning a Fall Get Together? The Best Fall Colors for Décor and Flowers

Are you planning a fun fall get together?  If so, you’ll definitely want to decorate a little bit, and you’ll want to get a lovely fall flower centerpiece for your table.  So what colors and flowers do you go with?  Obviously, since it’s the fall, you’ll want some gorgeous seasonal colors that will complement the beautiful falling leaves and the crisp weather.

When it comes to colors, dark reds, oranges, and yellows are the standard colors of fall.  You’ll find napkins, paper plates, and candles in these colors, and those are all perfect for a fall get together.  You might already have a fall colored table runner and placemats to decorate your table with, but if you don’t, you’ll find some great choices in many department stores.

You can also use other dark colors for your fall decorations.  A dark purple, for example, looks nice combined with red and even some golden yellows.  Dark green and brown are also good options, especially if you’re going with a fall tree kind of color scheme.

When it comes to fall flowers, there are a number of great options.  Late blooming flowers are often the best.  Fall Aster is a good option if you want some brighter colors to go with your darker fall shades, although they may not match perfectly.  If you want something that will go with the reds, browns, and yellows of fall, look at Copper Canyon Daisy, Marigold, Mountain Sage, and Goldenrod.  For bright colors, some Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Caryopteris are nice.  Orange and yellow roses are also a nice fit.

Want some help with your fall flowers in Washington, DC?  Give us a call!