Father’s Day Stories that we Love


Father’s Day is June 16, which means you’ve got less than a week to find Dad a gift that isn’t yet another tie!  Father’s Day is one of the few times a year when many families gather together to visit and catch up.  Even though it’s close to Mother’s Day, which does often seem to be the bigger holiday, a lot of people still make the trip home, especially if they don’t live that far from their parents.  One of the best aspects of Father’s Day is listening to Dad tell some of his great stories.

Some of these stories are classics.  He might reminisce about when he first learned he was going to be a father (or a father again).  Maybe he has some special memories or favorite times he spent with each of his kids.  Some of these might be a little embarrassing for you, but that’s okay—if your dad loves them, then they’re special, and there’s no reason to be embarrassed by that.

Dad might also have stories about family vacations or things he did with your mom before the kids were born.  There’s even a chance this will involve bringing out the photo albums or watching old home movies.  Listening to Dad tell his favorite stories, even if they’re stories we’ve heard before, is something magical.  It’s these great stories and memories that will remember for years and will tell our children and grandchildren about, especially the ones that might not get to meet their grandfather or great-grandfather.

Send your Dad a Father’s Day arrangement in Washington, DC to show him how much you love him!