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When your emotions are strong and you want to share how you feel with someone special, we have so many options for you online.  And if you don’t find just the right flowers, give us a call at 703-442.-8203.  We have floral advisers who can walk you through a custom design request.  It’s fast and easy!


Sometimes your heart is so full of happiness you feel like you are going to burst if you don’t share the feeling immediately.  Happiness is one of our favorite reasons for sending flowers.

Happy Flowers

Happy Hearts Bouquet | Starting at $57.95

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In Love

Being in love is a beautiful thing.  Expressing that with a breathtaking bouquet of luxurious flowers is usually always a smart choice.

Beauty | Luxurious Bouquet of 36 Premium Roses | Starting at $175

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Sad or Empathetic

When life becomes sad because of a loss, oftentimes we aren’t sure how to support our loved ones and friends.   Being there in person is best, of course.  But when you can’t because of obligation or distance, show your heart is there with flowers, plants or gift baskets.

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Life is full of milestones to celebrate.  Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, parties, holidays… The list is long.  And we highly recommend congratulating everyone.  Making every event special with flowers on the tables.  Gifting everyone who reached a big goal.  Embrace life and and share!

Celebration Flowers

That Winning Smile | Starting at $92.95

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We know there are infinite combinations of feelings on the human emotional spectrum.  But we are confident that we have the right flowers to match your unique mix of feelings.   Flowers are a physical, beautifully visual representation of what you feel like sharing.

Check out our floral designs on our website 24/7.  We have one of the largest inventories in the DC Metro areas and a nationwide network of florists so you can send flowers to almost anyone!


Madly, Deeply, Passionately in Love. How to Express Your True Feelings

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself!

Are you madly, deeply, passionately in love with someone?  Have you told them?  If you haven’t yet expressed your true feelings, you might be somewhat unsure of how to go about doing so.  Do you just come right out and tell them?  Well, you can, but you can also express your true feelings in other ways.  Here are a few ideas.

First, you can say it with a romantic, candle-lit dinner.  Soft music, low lighting, and a meal you cooked just for your significant other is a great way of showing just how much you care.  Follow this with meaningful conversation, a nice dessert, and a bottle of wine, and your significant other is sure to know just how much you love them.

Sending her flowers is another excellent way of expressing your feelings.  A bouquet of a dozen roses says “I love you” like nothing else.  You can make an even bigger statement if you send this bouquet of roses (or other flowers if she doesn’t like roses) to her workplace.  She will be the envy of all her co-workers and friends when the florist delivers a huge arrangement of flowers to her office.

If you’re a writer or a musician, express your true feelings by being creative.  Write your true love a poem or compose a song.  There’s nothing quite as romantic as singing a song you wrote and composed yourself to your love.  If you do any sort of arts, such as painting or sculpture, you can certainly express your feelings that way, too.

No matter how you express your true feelings, be certain it comes from the heart.  That’s all it takes.  Say it with words, in song, with a portrait, or with flowers—no matter how you express yourself, as long as you’re honest and sincere, your feelings will come across.

Yes, You Can Express What You Feel With Flowers!

Express Yourself with Flowers

Express Yourself with Flowers

For some men, expressing their feelings can be very difficult.  Women can also have this problem, but it seems like it’s typically the men who just can’t say those three little words or who aren’t sure how to tell a woman that she’s special.  One of the classic ways of doing so is with flowers, but some people wonder if it’s even possible to express your feelings with flowers anymore.  Has giving flowers become so mundane that flowers have lost their magic?  No, of course not! 

Expressing yourself with flowers is done in several different ways.  First, there are the flowers themselves.  Which flowers you select tells a lot about how you feel.  Roses traditionally say “I love you” while something like daisies may convey “cheer up!”  Don’t just pick the first arrangement you see.  You’ve got to think about which flowers you want to send, what color, what type of vase, etc. 

Second, how you send the flowers is telling.  If you send it to her office, you’re showing her and everyone there how much you care.  But some arrangements are a bit on the personal side, especially in certain circumstances.  In that case, sending the flowers to her home is more appropriate. 

Of course, you can always give her the flowers yourself.  This is the perfect way to start off a date or special day.  Giving her flowers on her birthday, Valentine’s, or your anniversary may be somewhat expected, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate them or that they don’t convey how you feel.