Winter Celebrations in DC

Looking for something fun and exciting to do this winter in the Washington, D.C. area?  We’ve got a few fun things you can check out.

The 2014 DC Restaurant Week runs Jan. 15 through the 19.  Visit some of your favorite restaurants in the DC area for great deals and great dinners.

The Tudor Tots: Winter Wonderland is a family-friendly program that invites kids and family members of all ages to learn about growing gardens.  It’s held at the gorgeous Tudor Place Historic House and Garden.

Friday, January 31 is the launch of the 2014 Art Soiree Productions Fine Art Series.  Many works by the local artists will be on display at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown.
Visit the Capital City Brewing Co. for the Water Our Orchids: Annual Cocktail Fundraiser event on February 8th for drinks, raffles, and auctions benefiting the Young Mothers Inc. charity.

If you love fashion, don’t miss the Corjor International Fashion Show at Madame Tussaud’s Museum.  Ean Williams will be presenting his 2014 winter collection as a part of the DC Fashion Week.

The St. Clement Episcopal Preschool and Agudas Achim Preschool presents Rockin’ in a Winter Wonderland with Rocknoceros on Saturday, February 2.  It’s a family event full of songs for kids of all ages.

Be sure to check out the National ShamrockFest 2014 on March 22 at the RFK Stadium.

These are just a few of the awesome events going on in the area.  Are there any other events you’ll be going to this winter?

Bring a bit of the celebration into your home with a beautiful flower arrangement delivered in Washington, D.C.

Send Gifts with a Personal (Human) Touch

When you send a gift to someone, you want it to have that personal, loving touch.  A human touch.  That’s why flowers can be such a great gift.  A person is involved in each and every step, and with a flower arrangement designed by a caring florist, you can see the love and attention he or she put into it.

Few gifts are actually designed and created by a person when you order them and can be customized so easily as a flower arrangement.  A gorgeous bouquet wasn’t mass-produced in a factory, it’s hand-arranged by an actual person when you order it.  Often, the florist even has room for creativity: they may need to replace a flower that’s out of season with something similar, or they may try out a different way of placing the blooms together to see if they can create something especially colorful.  You can even talk with a florist about a custom arrangement that is one of a kind.  Nothing you buy of a shelf will be the same.

Then there’s the delivery aspect.  A bouquet of flowers is hand-delivered to the recipient.  If you’ve picked up the flowers yourself, you can really give the delivery a personal touch.  If you’re having the bouquet delivered, the florist will make certain the flowers are fresh and arrive looking great.  He or she will great the recipient with a smile and present the flowers with a flourish.  Few things are hand-delivered these days, and people feel incredibly special when someone does deliver something right to them that’s not in a box.

Besides flowers, there are a few other gifts that are created with a personal touch.  Food, for instance, can be very personal.  Whether it’s an entire meal, a cupcake, or a cup of homemade chicken noodle soup, sometimes that secret ingredient is the fact that someone took the time to actually cook for you instead of going out.  Even at a restaurant, you can sometimes feel the love and pride the chef puts into his work.

Handmade gifts also carry with them the love and time their creator put into them.  Knitted scarves, crocheted blankets, artwork, and other handmade gifts often feel a little more special than their store-bought counterparts just because someone took the time to make them.

Next time you need to give a gift, give it that extra personal human touch.  It truly will mean that much more to the recipient.  Let us help you send flowers in Washington, DC.

Decorating with Color (And Flowers)

When it comes to decorating, there are many different little things you can do to subtly change the overall feel of the room.  Changing and mixing colors is one of these little tricks.  While the major colors of a room are what gives it its overall look, it’s the small secondary colors that can give it a personality.

If you’ve got a room with white walls, color is going to be very important.  Adding a large colorful rug or furniture done in a bold color will catch the eye.  Adding decorative items or wall decorations in matching or complimentary colors will help.  You can also go with stark white furniture and carpet.  Then add a few splashes of color here and there.  A bouquet of bright yellow flowers, for example, would stand out and look very nice in a room predominately white.

If you’d like to have colorful rooms, remember your basic color wheel.  Cooler colors are purple, green, and blue.  This make your home feel more soothing, plus they can actually give the illusion of distance.  Cool colors can be used to make a small room feel somewhat larger.  On the other side are the warm colors, red, yellow, and orange.  They make a room feel more alive and give it more energy.  They can create a feeling of intimacy in large rooms.  If your house is drafty, or in rooms that face north, you can actually use these colors to balance out the temperature.

If you want to go with two different colors in a room, it’s best to go with complementary colors.  These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, like red and green or blue and orange.  While it might seem like they would clash, flowers tell us differently.  Think of the beautiful red rose and the bright green stems it grows on, for example.  In fact, red roses look great in a room done mainly in green.

If you go with colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, you’ll create a softer look that appears more harmonious.  Nothing will jump out at you like a room done in complimentary colors might.  However, you can use softer shades of these colors and then really accent a room with a bold color.  Do a room in soft yellows, for example, but add bold, bright red curtains.  For flowers, think of yellow daisies a room done in red.

Where do you begin creating your color scheme for a room?  There are a few places.  If you have furniture that you know you’ll be using, you can start there.  Another option is wall color or carpet color.  If you’re redecorating and have neutral-colored walls, look at what artwork you’re going to use.  You can also decorate a room with your favorite color.  No matter what you choose, take a few moments to imagine how the colors will look together before you start decorating.

Find Flowers to Decorate With in Washington DC.