Snow Day Fun

hpa8ermokrasiesIs the snowy weather making you feel down?  There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy a snow day, even if you can’t leave your house.  Here are a few different snow day fun ideas to entertain yourself and your family.

•    Have a home date.  Cook your favorite meal, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie, or spend the day enjoying hobbies you both like.

•    If you live by yourself or will be home alone, you can spend the day pampering yourself.  Laze around reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing nothing.  Take the time to recharge and relax.

•    Play cards or board games together.  Make it a family competition.

•    Go out and play in the snow!  Why not?

•    Go ice skating at one of the local skating rinks.

•    Sleep in late!

•    It might not be completely fun, but you can always spend a snow day doing those chores and other things around the house that you keep putting off.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside—Romance at Home


The polar vortex has hit the country, and people are staying indoors to keep out of the cold.  But just because you can’t go outside for a romantic date doesn’t mean you can have a little romance in your life.  In fact, you can have plenty of romance at home.  Here are a few different ideas for staying warm indoors while still having a romantic evening.

Have a picnic on your bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner (or order in), and enjoy your favorite movie or music.  If it’s snowing and you still have your Christmas lights up, it will feel magical.  You might even want to get out the lights and decorate for the event.

If sitting on the floor isn’t your idea of a good time, just cook the nice romantic dinner.  Light the table with candles, put on some nice music, and have a fancy dinner at home.  You don’t need to get outdoors in the cold just to have a romantic dinner.

While going out to a theater to see a movie can be fun, watching a movie at home can be just as much fun.  You can have all the popcorn and soda you want without paying the crazy concession stand prices, for one thing.  For another thing, you don’t have to worry about missing a key point of the film if you have to make a bathroom run.  Get a warm blanket and cuddle together.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to keep your romantic fun PG-13.  If you have a large bathtub, you can light some candles, pour some wine, and spend some quality time together covered in bubbles.  This type of evening can easily lead to the bedroom.  You might even want to do something like read a little romantic poetry or, if you sing or play an instrument, sing a love song.

There are many ways to have a romantic night at home.  While these are all great ideas, there are many more that are unique to you and your significant other.  Plan something the two of you love to do and see where the evening takes you.

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Keep Calm and Smell the Flowers

KeepCalmHaving a stressful day?  If you’ve had things coming at you from all sides and just need a moment to yourself, remember this: keep calm and smell the flowers!  Just a short break to enjoy nature and the world around you can do wonders for your stress level.

Smelling the flowers has actually been scientific proven to help lower stress levels and make people happier.  But even if you don’t have flowers around, it’s a great idea to take a break every now and then.  You need to recharge and clear your head, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.  Otherwise, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed and lost in the daily grind.

The next time you feel yourself losing control, take a second and remember to keep calm.  Go outside and smell the flowers, take a deep breath, or just close your eyes for a minute.  Don’t let the stress overwhelm you!

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Why Celebrating is Underrated

9596884-the-word-celebrate-surrounded-by-shooting-stars-symbolizing-excitement-for-a-party-or-celebrationHow many milestones in your life to you celebrate?  Many people only mark their birthdays and anniversaries.  It’s important that you celebrate all of your milestones and major accomplishments, though.  Celebrating gives us a sense of achievement, and it’s a great way of rewarding ourselves for a job well done.

Why is celebrating underrated?  Some people seem to celebrate anything at the drop of the hat, but these people really just want an excuse to party.  They’re not celebrating anything in particular.  To truly celebrate, you have to have a good reason.  Otherwise, it’s just a party.  A celebration has to be about something.

It has to have its basis in emotions, too.  You party when you want to have fun.  You celebrate when you have an accomplishment you want to share with others.  You have pride in the fact that you’ve accomplished something—you’ve graduated, finished a major project, or received a promotion.  The emotions that go along with these accomplishments fuel your celebration.

Many people don’t see the point of celebrating.  They mark the achievement off and move on.  But celebrating is part of the reward of a job well done.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you go out and party every single time you accomplish something.  You can have a celebration all by yourself.  It can be having a dessert or a glass of wine.  You can celebrate by buying yourself something new or something you’ve wanted for a while but didn’t want to spend the money on.  A celebration is your pat on the back, and you deserve it.

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What Would the World Be Like Without Flowers?

ashton-kutcher-e-natalie-portman-in-una-scena-della-commedia-no-strings-attached-190544Can you imagine what it would be like if the world had no flowers?  It would certainly be a little less bright and cheery, that’s for sure.  But what else would we lose if we didn’t have flowers?  Here are a few things that would be different in the World Without Flowers:

•    What would you give to someone at the start of a date?

•    We wouldn’t have any bouquets to give to our spouse or significant others on anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day.

•    We would have to work a lot harder to find something for Mom on Mother’s Day.

•    Christmas would be without poinsettias.

•    The Rose Bowl would be called something different.

•    We wouldn’t have that cliché scene of a boy and a girl running to each other in slow motion across a field of flowers.

•    Flower names like Rose, Iris, Lily, and Daisy wouldn’t exist.

•    Some colors like Lilac would have different name.

•    Painters like Monet, van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe wouldn’t have had inspiration for some of their most famous paintings.

•    Short stories, books, and movies with flowers in their titles would be known by something different.  What would V.C. Andrews have called the first book in her Dollanganger series if there were no flowers?  Weeds in the Attic?

•    The President wouldn’t have the White House Rose Garden to speak from.

These are just a few things that would have been different in the World Without Flowers.  What flower-related thing would you miss the most?

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Celebrate More. How to Keep it Simple

We all want to celebrate more and have more fun, but sometimes, it seems like having fun is a lot of work!  That’s why sometimes it’s important to keep it simple.  The less you have to plan, the less you have to stress over, the more energy you can put into having fun!  Here are a few different ways of keeping your parties and celebrations simple and easy.

•    Don’t go overboard on decorations.  If you’re just having some friends over, you don’t need to decorate at all!  If you’re hosting a holiday or birthday party, again you don’t have to decorate your entire home.

•    You don’t always have to cook huge meals.  Have a pot luck dinner.  Get take out.  Have pizza delivered.  Get finger foods or only desserts.

•    You don’t always have to have a party at your home.  You can go out to a restaurant or a bar.  That way, no one has to clean their house or deal with washing a lot of dishes.

•    You don’t always have to plan an activity.  Sometimes, just gathering together to talk is enough.  You don’t have to have anything to celebrate other than just being friends and having fun together.

Next time you want to get together and celebrate (or just get together), remember to keep it fairly simple.  You won’t stress over it, and you may even have more fun!  If you want to decorate your home without any stress, why not let us deliver some beautiful flowers in Washington, DC?

Why Flowers Help Us Communicate

The Language of FlowersThere are many ways you can communicate with people, and not all of them are verbal.  A simple smile, a handshake, a hug: all of these can be ways of communicating.  In fact, sometimes these methods are actually better methods of communicating because in some ways they’re more direct.  We can also use things like flowers to help us communicate and connect with others.

Flowers can be used to say a lot of different things.  The most common way of communicating with flowers is to use them to tell someone how much you love them.  A large bouquet of roses may be a much more effective communication method than simply saying, “I love you!”  This type of communication is very effective, especially if you rarely do it.

Another way flowers help us communicate is when we use them on a random day.  The communication power of flowers on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, for example, may actually not be as powerful because they’re expected.  Flowers sent just because you want to send them, however, can seem much more special and more of a statement about how you feel.

Flowers can help us communicate every day and in many different ways.  Express your sorrow, your love, your happiness…flowers can do all of this, and they can do it alongside our voices to help add a little bit of extra emphasis to the message.

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Expressing Your Feelings

expressThere are a number of ways you can express your feelings.  Some of these ways are big, complex gestures involving gifts, flowers, and expensive dinners.  But some are simple and straightforward, and they can actually be more romantic.  You also don’t have to worry about things going wrong.  The more complex your plans are, the more likely something won’t go quite right.  So how do you go about expressing your feelings?

•    If you want to show her you love her, take her out to a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant or cook her favorite meal for her.

•    dozen red roses say “I love you” in a simple, elegant way.

•    Go with what you know she loves and enjoys.  If you’re trying to decide between her favorite restaurant and an expensive place you’re not sure about, go with her favorite.  Of course, if she’s talked about a new place or has mentioned wanting to try a restaurant, then go with that.  Stay with what you know.  Apply this rule to expressing yourself through gifts, movie choice, etc.

•    When writing out a card or preparing your declaration of love (and yes, some men to practice what they’re going to say, especially if they’re doing something like proposing), don’t get caught up in flowery language.  Say what’s in your heart.

•    Finally, just be yourself!  Nothing is better than that.  Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  She’s not there because she expects you to transform into this other person, she’s there because she wants to be with you.

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Sending Flowers is Still a Classic Way to Show Good Manners

myflorist-imageThere are a lot of different ways of showing good manners.  You can say please and thank you, hold the door for others, and use proper etiquette at the table.  One other way of showing good manners is to send flowers.  It’s a classic way of showing you have good manners.

One of the traditional ways of telling someone congratulations is by sending flowers.  People have sent large bouquets of flowers to say “good job” or “contragulations on a job well done” for getting a promotion, completing a large project, or landing a new client.  Congratulating someone for something like this is considered good manners, and one of the best ways of doing so is sending flowers.

It’s also good manners to acknowledge someone’s loss.  Again, sending sympathy flowers is a good way of doing so.  There are many different types of sympathy flowers you can send, including casket sprays, wreaths, and potted plants.

It’s also a sign of good manners to acknowledge someone’s birthday or anniversary.  Often people will send flowers as a gift, especially for a girl’s birthday.

If you know someone who is going through an illness or major health concern, you may want to send them flowers.  This is more than just a show of good manners—knowing that there are people out there who care about them can help someone recover or at least make their illness not seem quite so bad.

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Happiness and Flowers

Did you know that flowers can actually make you happy.  Seeing their bright colors, smelling their pleasing scents, and touching their soft blooms can actually change your mood.  In fact, people actually use flowers as a way of combatting stress.

You’ve probably heard many people say how happy they were to receive flowers or that they just love the sight of fresh flowers in their home.  But why?  Why is it that flowers seem to make people happy all the time?  As surprising as it may be, there truly is some scientific proof that flowers can make us happy!  A study by the State University of New Jersey shows that the saying “stop and smell the roses” actually has some real meaning behind it.

According to the study, flowers can trigger happy emotions.  For ten months, the team studied the emotional and behavioral responses of people who received flowers.  From their reactions, the researchers drew several conclusions.  First, flowers can have an immediate impact on our happiness.  When the people received flowers, they smiled and were genuinely happy to get the flowers.  But flowers do more than make us momentarily happy.  The study also showed that the participants tended to feel happy over a number of days, especially when they saw the flowers.

Participants also reported feeling less lonely even after the flowers had wilted and were gone.  This is because receiving the flowers helped them to make connections with other people.  Receiving flowers says that someone is thinking of you, and that can mean the world.

There you have it—scientific proof that flowers can change your mood.  Next time you know someone needs a little pick-me-up, send them a great arrangement of flowers in Washington, DC.  You’ll make them happy for days and forge a stronger relationship with them as well.