Snow Day Fun

hpa8ermokrasiesIs the snowy weather making you feel down?  There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy a snow day, even if you can’t leave your house.  Here are a few different snow day fun ideas to entertain yourself and your family.

•    Have a home date.  Cook your favorite meal, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie, or spend the day enjoying hobbies you both like.

•    If you live by yourself or will be home alone, you can spend the day pampering yourself.  Laze around reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing nothing.  Take the time to recharge and relax.

•    Play cards or board games together.  Make it a family competition.

•    Go out and play in the snow!  Why not?

•    Go ice skating at one of the local skating rinks.

•    Sleep in late!

•    It might not be completely fun, but you can always spend a snow day doing those chores and other things around the house that you keep putting off.

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What Would the World Be Like Without Flowers?

ashton-kutcher-e-natalie-portman-in-una-scena-della-commedia-no-strings-attached-190544Can you imagine what it would be like if the world had no flowers?  It would certainly be a little less bright and cheery, that’s for sure.  But what else would we lose if we didn’t have flowers?  Here are a few things that would be different in the World Without Flowers:

•    What would you give to someone at the start of a date?

•    We wouldn’t have any bouquets to give to our spouse or significant others on anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day.

•    We would have to work a lot harder to find something for Mom on Mother’s Day.

•    Christmas would be without poinsettias.

•    The Rose Bowl would be called something different.

•    We wouldn’t have that cliché scene of a boy and a girl running to each other in slow motion across a field of flowers.

•    Flower names like Rose, Iris, Lily, and Daisy wouldn’t exist.

•    Some colors like Lilac would have different name.

•    Painters like Monet, van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe wouldn’t have had inspiration for some of their most famous paintings.

•    Short stories, books, and movies with flowers in their titles would be known by something different.  What would V.C. Andrews have called the first book in her Dollanganger series if there were no flowers?  Weeds in the Attic?

•    The President wouldn’t have the White House Rose Garden to speak from.

These are just a few things that would have been different in the World Without Flowers.  What flower-related thing would you miss the most?

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Indoor Container Gardening Tips

0abbf60dd69815cd6f0ce11b98fc2610Indoor gardening can be a challenge if you don’t have a natural green thumb, but it’s not impossible.  Anyone can have an indoor container garden with a little patience, knowledge, and maybe a bit of luck.  Here are some general indoor container gardening tips.  Remember, though, that each type of flower and plant may have its own particular needs.

Light, of course, is very important to plants.  If the intensity of light coming through a window is lower than what a plant actually needs, the plant will start to look pale and lose its luster.  To fix this, move the plant closer to the window or to a different location where the lighting is better.  Just be careful, however, not to change the lighting on a plant dramatically.  This can cause sunburn.  While it might sound funny to think of a plant getting sun burnt, they can.

Be careful not to over-water your plants and flowers.  While it’s important to make certain your houseplants have enough to drink, don’t water them if the soil is still moist.  Many people water their plants on a set schedule whether the plants need it or not.  This can lead to over-watering, which can cause plants to die.

Remember that city water is treated and usually has different chemicals like fluoride added to it.  Plants and flowers don’t always like these chemicals, so it’s best to either use bottled water or to let your water sit out in an open container 24 hours before adding it the soil.  This gives the chemicals enough time to evaporate.

Finally, be careful of freezing or drying out your plants.  Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can cause indoor plants to lose a bit of their luster, too.  Don’t let it get below 50 degrees or you may find your plants start to suffer.  Likewise, anything above 85 might be too warm for your plants, especially if they are near a vent.

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