The Wonderful World of Flowers

myflorist_worldofflowersFlowers are wonderful!  Who doesn’t love these bright, cherry blooms?  The world of flowers is a lot wider and varied than people expect.  For example, while florists are the largest profession that deals with flowers, there are other jobs that involve flowers, too.  Someone has to grow these flowers, for example.  Then they have to be shipped to the florist and to other parts of the world.  There are even some edible flowers that are cultivated.

But flowers are more than just a job.  Flowers affect our moods.  The saying “stop and smell the roses” is used when we want to tell someone to slow down, but there’s some actual benefit to stopping and smelling a rose.  The scent can trigger memories of other times you were given roses.  Smelling flowers can help you to relax, remember better times, and make you happier.  Studies have even shown that flowers can affect our moods for the better!

Looking to cheer someone up?  There are many different flowers out there, and unless you’re allergic to every type, there’s at least one flower you’ll love.  Some are traditional, like roses, while others are a little less common.  When choosing flowers for someone, you can go by type if you know what flower they love the best.  If you’re not sure about that, let color be your guide: if they love the color yellow, look for some gorgeous yellow flowers to send.

Still not sure?  Talk with your florist.  They do more than just sell flowers—they’re creative people who can create custom designs using the flowers or colors of your choice.  Here at MyFlorist, we can take you for a journey through the wonderful world of flowers and show you some amazing arrangements!  Let us put together a flower bouquet in Washington, DC, for you today!

Expressing your Best Wishes

myflorist_bestwishesWhen it comes to expressing your best wishes, there are a number of things you can do.  People express best wishes for an upcoming challenge or situation.  “Best wishes” is basically a way of saying good luck, but it seems to be more serious and formal.  Most people don’t actually say “best wishes,” but it’s often written in cards.  There are ways of expressing your best wishes other than verbally, of course.  Here are a few of them.

If you’re expressing your best wishes to a colleague or other business associate, a card may really be the best way to go.  You will find a number of best wishes or good luck cards that are fairly formal and professional while still expressing some sentiment.  You do have to be careful not to be too personal in some cases, of course.

A more personal way of expressing best wishes is to send flowers.  There are many different types of arrangements available, but the best ones for expressing good luck or best wishes are those that are bright and cheery.  Pick an arrangement with a lot of color to it, or one that makes a bold, bright statement.  Be sure to include a card so the person knows who it’s from and what the occasion is (write something like “Best wishes for your upcoming event”).

While cards are fine and proper in some cases, you might also want to express your sentiment in person.  This gives it a more personal touch and lets you say things you may not put in writing.  Even if you can’t do it face to face, a phone call expressing your best wishes is more personal than a card.

These are three ways of letting people know you wish them all the best.  If you need some help finding best wishes flowers in Washington, DC, take a look at some of our incredible bouquets.

Fresh Ideas for Long-Distance Love

MyFlorist_long_distanceMaintaining a long distance romance can be difficult.  Even if you’re just apart for six months or so, the fact that you may not see each other for that entire time can seem like an insurmountable challenge at the beginning.  However, thanks to today’s technology, long distance love actually isn’t that difficult now.  Here are some fresh ideas to keep your romance going despite the hundreds of miles between the two of you.

In the past, the only way to communicate long-distance was either via letters or telephone, and the cost of a long-distance call used to be pretty outrageous.  However, the Internet has given us a new and very low-cost method of speaking long-distance.  Just fire up your webcams and it’s like you’re speaking to each other from across the room.  Plus, text messages, instant messaging, and email let you keep in almost constant contact with each other.

These ideas aren’t exactly “fresh” though.  They’ve become very common-place.  If you want to do something a little bit differently, how about going low tech?  Actually write each other physical letters.  Sure, you can talk on the phone and email each other, too, but also take the time to write personal, heart-felt letters to each other.  These letters take time to write and feel more personal than emails.  Just knowing the other person has touched the same paper creates a stronger link between the two of you.

Another fun way is to send each other little gifts.  Ordering from online retailers or florists allows you to have the items shipped anywhere without any extra shipping charges.  It costs the same for these companies to ship to your significant other as it does to you.  The same is true for florists.  MyFlorist is a member of the Teleflora network, which means that most of our arrangements can be created by the other florists in the network, so they can be delivered anywhere in the country.  Of course, if you’re sending flowers in the Washington, D.C. area, we can personally create and deliver a large number of beautiful arrangements.

The Best of Pinterest 2012

Are you on Pinterest?  We are!  There are a lot of cool things you can find on this somewhat new social media site.  While the concept is simple—it’s an online bulletin board where you pin things you see on other websites to share with others or collect for yourself—the way people use Pinterest is really interesting.  Some pin things they want to come back to later, such as recipes and crafting ideas.  Others share their favorite images from movies.  Some pin websites and infographs pertaining to their job or career.  As a florist, we naturally pin some of our favorite flower arrangements and bouquets.  Check out some of what we consider the best of Pinterest 2012.

Summer flowers!










Rose cakes, like these

Awesome vases.

These amazing flower shoes:

Flowers of every color!

This gorgeous flower skirt:

Every shade of rose imaginable

Beautiful bridal bouquets

What made your Best of Pinterest 2012 list?  Share it with us!

And don’t forget to pick up some amazing flowers in Washington, DC.

Counting Everyday Blessings

You’ve heard the saying “count your blessings!” but have you ever really sat down and counted your everyday blessings?  You’d be surprised at how much you have been blessed with if you think about it.  While some people certainly have more than others, very few people have no blessings at all.  In times of stress and trouble, make a list of everything you have to be grateful for.  Reading through it can help put things into perspective.  Here are a few of the things you might put on that list.

•    Family.  Some of us have been blessed with amazing parents or grandparents, while others have children who love them unconditionally.

•    A job.  In a time when the economy is still recovering, having a job that allows us to pay our bills is definitely something to be thankful for.

•    A home.  Whether it’s a small apartment or a large house, having a home of your very own is a blessing.

•    Friends.  Think of how empty your life would be if you didn’t have those people closest to you.

•    Pets.  They’re always there for us.

What blessings are on your list?

Want to show your friends and family that you feel blessed to have them in your life?  Send them some flowers in Washington, DC, today!

Chocolate and Flowers – The Best Gift Ever?

For Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other days when you give flowers, many people also think of giving a box of chocolates.  These two gifts are tied together in many ways, and you’ll find chocolates and other treats available from most florists.  What is it about this combination that may possibly make it the best gift ever?  It’s because of the senses that chocolate and flowers engage.

Most people assume the strongest of the five senses is sight or hearing or touch, but research has shown that no sense engages the memory quite like that of scent.  The smell of warm baking cookies can connect with the memory of your grandmother’s kitchen and instantly take you back there, while the smell of something connected to an unpleasant memory can make you sad.  Sometimes, you don’t even know why you suddenly feel unhappy.  The smell of flowers, with their delicate scent, is soothing to most people.  Sure, the sight of the bright blooms can make us feel better, but it’s the smell of flowers that truly makes them a gift like no other.  After all, how many gifts do you actually want to sniff?

Chocolate, on the other hand, engages our sense of taste, another sense that most gifts do not make use of.  Taste, like scent, is very powerful.  Taste and scent, unlike seeing, hearing, and touching, are senses that aren’t used as often, and so when they are, they seem much stronger.  Think about taste.  Is there anything that can make you recoil as quickly as tasting something disgusting?  It’s an instant reaction.  The same goes for biting into a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie or taking that first taste of a perfectly cooked steak.  Chocolate has a taste all its own, and for most people, it’s absolutely amazing.  It’s so great it’s even believed to be an aphrodisiac!

So while some people would argue that chocolate and flowers aren’t that great, most would say that they’re a treat because of how they engage our senses.  Add to that the fact that they’re gifts you don’t get every day and you’ve got a rare gift that can really turn your day around.

We so strongly believe in this pairing that, for a limited time, we’re giving away a box of Godiva chocolates with every purchase!  Hurry, this is a limited time offer!  Order your chocolates and flowers in Washington, DC, now before we run out!

Connecting With Friends and Family

Connections with others are what make life worth living.  We connect with people in small ways every day, but most of these connections aren’t that important.  However, the links we make with our co-workers, our friends, and our family give us love and laughter, and they’re those tiny, brightly burning sparks that we hold on to when we feel like we’ve lost it all.

Making these connections isn’t always easy.  Sure, almost everyone has some sort of relationship with their family, but it isn’t always a strong one, nor is it always a positive one.  That connection can be made stronger or weaker depending on how your family operates.  But because you’re a family, that bond is always there, even when it’s at its weakest, and it can always be repaired if you both take the time and put in the effort.

Connections with friends, on the other hand, are the ones you choose.  These are the people you voluntarily spend time with and form bonds with.  These connections, too, can weaken or strengthen over time.  Those that become weaker sometimes fall apart completely.  If you want to keep them going strong, all you have to do is put in a little bit of work.  Make the time to get together for coffee or lunch.  If you can’t, call each other.  Even a quickly email or a few text messages can help keep you connected to your friends during those crazy periods of life when it seems like you don’t have time for anyone.

There are many ways you can connect with people.  A simple smile, a hello, a handshake, a hug: all of these can be ways of reaching out to someone.  You can connect with people without saying a word.  Sometimes, the deepest connection is made with a look or a touch.

One way we can help you connect with people is by sending them flowers.  Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a new baby, to convey your condolences, or just because, flowers are a personal gift that shows just how much you care.  Send flowers in Washington, DC, today and make a connection.

Small Spaces, Big Style

Do you have a small space that you really want to make pop but just can’t figure out how?  Small spaces, whether at home or at the office, can be a challenge to decorate.  But it’s not impossible to put your own special touch on these small spaces.  Here are a few different ideas for bringing your style to small spaces.

•    Think color!  Pick a bold or bright color for your space, but stay away from darker shades because those can make a room look smaller.  Go for something light, airy, or cheery.  Just be sure it’s a color you can stand being around for long periods of time, especially if it’s for your office.  If you can’t stand bright blue, you won’t want to be trapped there for eight hours a day!

•    Try to combine form and functionality.  For example, you can add a lot of style to a small work space by picking out fun desk accessories.  Inboxes, pencil holders, and staplers no longer come in dull, boring black.  Instead, you can find them and many other office accessories in bright colors.  Some even have pictures or prints on them.  You’re going to need these items anyway, so you might as well fit them into your overall space décor.

•    While you may not have a lot of wall space for hanging posters or artwork, make what space you do have count.  Go for something small but powerful.  A small piece of art that is done primarily in one bold color will really stand out.  In some cases, a smaller piece can actually overpower a larger piece if it’s done right.  Alone, it may be all the art you need.

•    Much like your desk accessories, your desk and chairs can also help convey your style.  While you might not get a say in what your office furniture looks like at your job, if you do, look for something that fits with your taste, provides all the space you need, but isn’t huge.  A giant desk may make you feel powerful, but if it’s in a small office, it’s just going to make the space seem that much smaller.

•    If you have a window, make the most of it.  Don’t cover it if at all possible, and try to arrange your office so that it’s behind you.  This way, guests facing you across your desk will see the outdoors behind you, creating the illusion of more space.

•    Finally, don’t forget flowers!  A bouquet of flowers or a green plant can bring a much needed bit of life into your small space.  We can help with this part!  Check out our amazing flowers in Washington, DC.

Remember to Play—Wherever You Are

Sometimes, life becomes incredibly stressful.  Work, family obligations, and other stresses pile up, and it seems to consume our lives.  We forget that we occasionally need to take time out and just have fun.  It’s important to set aside work and other obligations and just play for a bit.  What kind of play doesn’t really matter.  Just release your inner child and have fun!

You can play just about anywhere, and taking a few minutes to do something that’s just for fun can really help lower your stress level and clear your head.  Even if you’re in the middle of a really stressful day at work, give yourself a few minutes to play every now and then.  Don’t go overboard—you are at work, after all—but if you play one game of solitaire on your afternoon break, that’s fine.  Sometimes play takes the form of just getting up and getting out of your office every now and then.

It’s also important to play at home.  While you might think watching television, reading a little bit, and then going to bed is play, if you do it every night, it becomes a routine, and sometimes routine play becomes less fun and more something you just do.  It doesn’t give you that nice release that truly playing does.  Do something different!  Go out dancing, take a walk around the neighborhood, or play a board game.

Whatever you do for play, be sure to do it every now and then.  The old saying of all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy may not be exactly true, but it can make a person stressed and tense.  Sometimes, no matter where you are, you’ve just got to relax a little bit.

The sight of bright flowers has been scientifically proven to help people relax.  Let us help you play a little bit and lose some tension with an arrangement of flowers in Washington, DC.

The Secret to Not Worrying So Much

Worrying.  Stressing.  Anxiety.  All of these things can take their toll on us.  Dealing with worrying, however, doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  There are a few different things you can do to alleviate your stress, eliminate your anxiety, and get over worrying about things.

First, figure out why you are worrying.  What’s the problem?  Why are you stressed?  If you get to the root of the problem, you can start to unravel it.  It can be more difficult than you think, but if you figure out the cause of your worry, you can start to deal with it.

Once you’ve figured out the problem, it’s time to make a plan for dealing with it.  Can you change it?  Is it within your power, or is it something you simply have to deal with?

If you can change it, make a plan to do so!  Talk to the people who need talking to, do the work that needs to be done, and more.  Don’t just worry about it, do something to change it!

If it’s something you can’t change, then you have to take steps to deal with it.  Can you do anything to minimize the worry?  Even if you can’t change whatever is causing you to worry, you might be able to change parts of it or reduce some of the stress.

Some people, though, are just constant worriers.  They worry about everything.  What’s the secret for dealing with this?  It can be difficult.  When you find yourself worrying too much, just take a deep breath, count to ten, and tell yourself that you must accept the situation, accept life is as it is, and move on.

Here are a few other things you can do to reduce your worrying:

•    Relax with your favorite book.
•    Take a bubble bath or hot shower.
•    Eat some chocolate—chocolate makes it all better!
•    Stop and smell the roses.  The scent of flowers has been proven to make people feel better.  Let us help.  We can deliver some amazing flowers in McLean, VA!