Great Plants to Green Up Your Work Space

Ismyflorist_greenplants your office looking a little drab and colorless?  One way of making your office a little brighter and a little more alive is to get a few green plants.  These plants will look great, and they may even make your office feel a little cooler and more soothing, too.

While we often think of the color blue as the color associated with cooling, soothing things (water, for example), green can actually create these feelings, too.  Green plants, especially, can help make our homes and offices seem a little cooler.  While they don’t actually do anything to change the temperature, just seeing them helps us believe we’re a bit cooler than we actually are.

Any green plant will do to help create this effect.  Ivy is very popular because of the way it hangs over the side of its pot.  This is a particularly nice effect if you put it in a hanging pot.  Moss Rose, a nice flowering green plant, also looks great.  If you want a green plant that is both nice to look at and has a practical use, go with an aloe plant.  If you get a burn, just break off one of the plant’s green leaves and smear the inside cream on it—you’ll feel relief in no time.

These are just a few of the cool and soothing green plants you might want to add to your office during the hot summer months.  Of course, be sure to keep them well watered—plants hate the heat just as much as we do!

Need some green plants for your office?  We have a number of great plants for delivery in Washington, DC.

Green Plants are Full of Life and Energy

Some homes just seem drab and lifeless.  There are several reasons for why this is, and some of them are actually impossible to change.  Sure, you can paint the walls a bright color and open the curtains to let in sunlight, but sometimes that’s not enough.  Sometimes a room just doesn’t have many windows or it has dark wood paneling that can’t be painted over or easily removed.  What can you do in that case?  One way of adding some life and energy to a room is to bring in some green plants.

Green plants are full of vitality.  In fact, you may feel better just by seeing a beautiful green plant in a room.  Why is this?  Healthy green plants remind us of life.  They’re always growing, and their brightly colored leaves bring in a splash of color.  This can offset even the drabbest of rooms and add a bit of life to a dull area.

Sending a green plant to someone who is ill can help perk them up as well.  Flowers are bright and beautiful, of course, and do help cheer people up, but a nice green plant can do just the same.  Next time you find someone needs a little pick me up, or you decide your home needs a bit more energy, think about green plants.  They’re full of life!

MyFlorist Exclusive – 2009 Dish Gardens Are In!

Copper Garden

Copper Garden

Dish gardens are wonderful gifts during the late fall and winter months.   They are attractive, easy to care for and full of life. 

Our enhanced collection for 2009 includes brand new designs that include foliage, foliage with fresh cuts, and European gardens.  Check out our selection here.

Generally, a dish garden will be planted in a leak-proof container or lined with plastic so they can be put on finished wood surfaces.  Containers can be ceramic, metal, terra-cotta, wicker or metal.  

Best of all, almost any occasion or decor can be celebrated with a dish garden.  When choosing a dish garden as a gift, keep in mind the decor of the recipient.  If the home is more traditional, a ceramic container with a porcelain look may look better than a garden in a wicker basket or terra-cotta pot.  For an office, a non-blooming selection of plants may be easier to care for and hold up well during vacations and weekends.

Also, keep in mind that added fresh cut flowers will last up to a week.  And the hardier green plants should flourish with proper care and give the recipient months, if not years, of enjoyment.