Make Your Fall Bucket List




Golden Glow

Why is it that we don’t treat and love fall like we do the warmer months? Is it because it’s the naughty season that chased the warm weather away? Perhaps that’s true, but if we change our attitude about this actually wonderful season we may learn to love it. It is up to us to choose to not dislike it and we can do that by creating a bucket list of all the things that we can only do in the fall season.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Drinking PSLs of course is number one. That’s Pumpkins Spice latte for those of you not in the know.
  2. With fall comes football and with football comes tailgating. And this is perfect the time it’s still warm enough to do it without losing extremities and appendages.
  3. Get the awesomest and funkiest leggings and wear them with the cutest skirts while you can still show them off. No one cn see them under wool trousers.


    Picnic In The Park

  4. Apple picking. Duh. Then making fresh apple pies…yum.
  5. Play in a pile of crunchy fallen leaves. No other season that allows to be a kid again like this.
  6. Ahm…Hello good sir, is that a handlebar mustache you are sporting? Must be Movember. Facial hair is in now, and now you have another reason to get creative with your mustache…even a fu-manchu could be fun!
  7. You get to make a huge mess carving pumpkins. And remember scary, sad and happy faces are not the only things you can do…get really creative.
  8. Wear the cutest boots and booties and outfits. No snow and frigid temperature forcing you in ugly but warm boots and coat that best resemble dawn blankets. This is the time to stay warm WHILE looking stylish.


    Orchid Orchard

  9. Find the funnest and most creative Halloween costumes (pssst this year Halloween is on a Saturday…Score!).
  10. Send someone that’s having the gloomy day’s blues some gorgeous fall flower arrangement to lift their spirit. You want others to have the positive attitude you are having, don’t you? And don’t get it twisted, fall flower colors are actually gorgeous. They are like sweet dripping honey, sparkling rubies, and magical sunsets.

So there is our list, borrow ours or make your own, it doesn’t matter. Just make it fun. Remember you can’t change the season, but you can change how you feel about it. And we feel FANTASTIC! (ahm…that’s since we chose to adjust our sentiments for the season.)