How Many Things Remind Us of Mom?

Why Do We So Often Think of Mom?  So Many Reasons!

Why Do We So Often Think of Mom? So Many Reasons!

Let’s face it, our mothers are constantly in our thoughts, often popping in at the most unexpected times.  What triggers those random memories and make us pick up the phone and call or dig out the old photographs?  Day-to-day chores, new experiences, smells, tastes, feelings.  Yep, pretty much anything.  Here are several that we think everyone can agree on.

Whether your mom was a great cook, an out-of-the-box cook, or a takeout momma, what we ate growing up becomes rooted in our psyches.  It doesn’t matter if it’s great food, as long as it’s Mom’s food.  The flavors and smells, textures and especially the exercise of being in the kitchen with Mom, makes food pretty powerful stuff in our memory banks.

Remember the smell of clean clothes, right out of the dryer or off the clothesline?  Mom had her own arsenal of laundry products that made our pillowcases smell heavenly.   Even the smell of your home was like no other.  Remember coming home from vacation and breathing in deeply to that welcome familiar combination of everything that made your home, well, home.   Or Mom’s favorite flowers, tulips or roses or lilac.  And Mom herself had her own unique smell when we hugged her.  Sweet and comforting.

Nothing reminds me of my mother as much as the challenge of folding sheets.   I can hear her voice telling me just how to nest the elastic cornered sheets and fold them up neatly.  I can’t really do it right, but I still try.  Or sweeping.  Sweeping is a universal chore and some of us can remember the old corn straw brooms that were just impossible to use.  Then came along the angled, fuzzy tipped brooms that made sweeping out corners a breeze.  And now, some of us use a small stick vacuum or a dry mop.  Either way, even as we congratulate ourselves on our improved methods, we think of our moms and wonder how she kept the floor swept for so many years!  Or the dishes done.  Or any of the never-ending day-to-day, not-very-glamorous, and not-at-all-fun chores.

When we were growing up, nothing was as musical as our mother’s laughter.  Now, when we enjoy life and our children, we want our mother’s to know that we are doing well.  Some of us are lucky enough to live close by (some are lucky enough to live a little further away!) but when Mom is part of the family get together, we still work to hear her laugh.  Great joy is a feeling that moms seem to have earned, after all.

We hope everyone can visit their moms on Mother’s Day.  Some of us will visit Mom in our memories.  And some of us will visit over the phone from miles away.  We hope that flowers are part of your Mother’s Day celebrations.  But we especially hope that you will be part of them, too.

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