Our Favorite Summer Vacation Spots In The DMV


Our Nation’s Capital has been a major vacation destination for many, many maaaany years thanks to the many museums, monuments and historical locations the city is #blessed with. However, we, the residents of the DMV, don’t really take advantage of the many fun things that our city offers. When was the last time you played tourist in the city? Have you seen all the monuments, museums, historical homes, and parks the area we live in offers? Maybe not. We take the fact that we live in the area for granted and  we put off the plans to visit for another day. Well, guys, “another day” is here. Let’s make this summer the summer we get to know our area better and enjoy what it has to offer. Play tourist, walk around and talk with an accent if you like and make it fun!

HW0_197665Here are some of our favorite destinations:

  • As we’ve mentioned, we as residents don’t take the time to visit the many wonderful things that the city has to offer but many of those beautiful things are also usually overlooked. Yes we all know about The Monument and Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial but did you know there is and FDR memorial on  a 7.5 acre land? Or that when you sitting in traffic in Logan Circle either driving or taking the 54 bus, that there is a guy on a horse in the middle of that roundabout? That’s General George Henry Thomas if you’re interested. If you find yourself on 22nd St NW and Constitution Ave NW you can find good Ol’ Al (as we like to call Albert Einstein ’cause we are cool like that) sitting with a book looking pensive. If you take a stroll down Water street SW admiring the boats and yachts docked at the various marinas and yacht clubs you will find yourself at the Titanic memorial. Yes, that ginormous ship that buttheaded with an iceberg. Aaand you will find a statue dedicated to the men who sacrificed their lives to save the women and children in the ship. The fun part of this statue is that it is standing like that scene from the movie when Rose and Jack spread their arms and felt like flying. Exactly like that. We know about the Vietnam  Veterans Memorial, but do we know about the Vietnam’s Women Memorial. How about the George Mason Memorial where Mr Mason is sitting on a bench admiring the little fountain in front of him right on East Basin  Dr SW and Ohio Dr SW behind the Jefferson Memorial. And did you know there is an Air and Space museum in Virginia? These are just a few of many that many don’t visit but now you can.HW0_533036
  • You are at home so you are saving money that you’d have otherwise spent on travel and lodging. This means you get to splurge on other touristy things that you wouldn’t normally do. Like the Big Bus Washington DC Hop-on Hop-Off tour or The Washington DC By Moon Light Night Tours or go up the Washington Monument or take a day trip to Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. Just do completely touristy things like you are new to the area knowing that when your adventure is over you get to go home and sleep in your own bed  and not worry about how clean the TV remote is (because you know exactly how “clean” it is).
  • Take advantage of the summer festivals around the city. Summer and BBQ go hand in hand and this weekend June 25th and 26th you get to enjoy the Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle. Droooool…. And every Friday this summer you can head on to the Fairgrounds and take advantage of all the food truck foods Truckeroo brings. Double drooool….. If you love music (who doesn’t right?), check out the Maryland Music Festival at the Merriweather or see what’s happening at the Wolf Trap in Vienna VA this summer.
  • We are a florist, so anything to do with flowers is like heaven to us. So it’s not a surprise that this is one of our favorite destinations, the Botanical Gardens. They offer guided tours and exhibits. But nut just that, friends. They also have concerts. We suggest you go to their website and see what they have going on. Such fun!
  • For some family fun, head on to the Tyson’s Corner area for some happy times and create great memories with your family and friends. This July you can head onto Jones Branch Drive for the Slide the City Slip and slide water party event. Or take the Silver Line to the Tyson’s Corner Metro Station where Cirque du Soleil will be end of July and most of August. And while you are in the area come visit us!


So here you have it. You don’t have to venture too far to vacation and you really should take advantage of the city you’re in. We live in lively, vibrant, diverse metropolitan area, we should absorb it all and enjoy it. Plus, it’s good to know a little bit more about our city than tourists do, don’t you think? And all these place are right within our delivery area!!! (see bellow for map)

Delivery Area

Take Steps To Keep Your New Year Resolutions.


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Making New Year Resolutions go back to the Medieval times, actually before that, the Roman empire times, well actually is way before that during Babylonian civilization. We wonder if they were good at working at them and accomplishing their goals like we are (ahm ahm clears throat) in the present days. People that love number actually went through the trouble of getting the NYR stats, fun stuff. In the US, less than half of the population make NYRs (probably because there are a lot of children and people with just perfect lives). Of those that make resolutions, only eight percent are successful (le sigh) and a quarter of those that make resolutions fail (le major sigh) and the rest succeed some of the time.

The usual resolutions are divided in four groups: self-improvement related, weight related, money related, and relationship related. The top resolutions are to lose weight, to get organized, spending less while saving more, fitness and health, learning something new and exciting, quit smoking and spending more time with the family.


Fresh Fruit Basket

Now that we know that most of us have a difficult time succeeding at our NYRs we decided to find  a way to help us in our journey and thought we should share. In our search we found eight simple ways to tackling it (click here to read more from the article).

  1. Your resolutions should be something you really want, not what you think your ideal self should want or something that fulfills someone else’s expectations.
  2. Don’t go crazy with a bazillion resolutions, you will only set yourself up for disappointment. Choose the top three you really want to make it obtainable.
  3. Don’t be vague about the resolutions you make, be specific. Set a specific goal. Don’t just say I want to lose weight, decide how many pounds.
  4. Once you have your list of resolutions and goal make a plan. Design long-term steps to obtain your goal.
  5. To obtain your goals you need to know that some changes will need to be made in your habits. You must understand that your past habits were what contributed to your current state. To make changes in a specific aspect of your life you will need to make changes in the old habits.
  6. Write down your goals and put them somewhere you can see them daily. Like a reminder of the better you.
  7. Share your resolutions with others. This will help you be motivated as well as help others help you succeed with your goals. For example, if your resolution is to eat healthier, sharing it with others will mean your friend and family will not offer to meet you at the restaurant that serves the greasiest, unhealthiest, and yummiest fries on the face of the earth, after work.
  8. Understand that you are human, and as a human you will make mistakes and stumble off you wagon. It’s ok. As long as you get back on it.

Exotic Garden

Remember that old habits are difficult to break, it takes time. It took time to develop them and with will take time to shade them. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy your journey. Do it with love and passion. Make it fun. At the end of the year reward yourself for your accomplishment. Actually, reward yourself every time you accomplish a step in your goal. Buy yourself some flowers that says “atta boy/girl!” Love yourself.