Winter Fun in The DMV




Winter Oasis

Yes, old man winter is officially here. We’ve been spoiled so far with perfect weather, but now, it looks like Mr Winter is on the job “wintering”. And this means that we have to find some fun activities we can get into while keeping ourselves warm.

It is January, and that means that we are officially in the Playoffs season of football. We think this should be a national holiday, but it’s not BUT no one is stopping us from celebrating it like it were. Yes, the Redskins are in the playoffs, yes we never saw it coming. Yes, we are happy. And, yes, they better go all the way! We must celebrate our home team for all the W they will give us. There are many bars around the city we can go to so we can share our enthusiasm for our team. You’ll be indoors away from the cold, you’ll cheer all the touchdowns and commiserate with fellow fans for all the bad call the refs make.


New Sensation

While we’re in the sports theme, and while it’s January and you are still enthused about your new resolution to be more active, workout more and stay fit, we that indoor sports are a fun way to keep our blood pumping and keep warm while getting trim and fit. indoor volleyball, indoor basketball, bubble soccer (soccer played with each player inside a bubble, such fun) and many many more. This fun activity will help you socialize, make new friend (especially if you are a new transplant to the area), help you drag yourself out of you hibernation and keep you healthy. A win-win-win we think.

Maybe you have penguin skin and you just don’t get cold, maybe you don’t mind outdoor activities in the winter, maybe you like the “crisp” air and may possibly have a polar bear in you blood. maybe you’ll enjoy the Ice skating rinks around the DMV. All strategically located in the hot and happening neighborhoods in the area. hop on the Silver Line and swish, twirl and make some lazy figure eights on the ice at the Tyson’s Corner mall. Or take the blue or yellow line to the pentagon city mall and do some fancy spins and flips or take the red line to downtown Silver Spring and slide hand in hand with you beau.


Snowy Night

Going to the MANY and FREE and FUN museums we have is another great idea for fun in the winter time. You will be expanding your knowledge, doing something fun with friend, family or a date aaaand getting out of the house to anyanything other than shuffling around in your socks. The Natural History museum and the Air and Space museums are perfect if you plan on taking the young one. Loads of interactive displays and activities to delight everyone. Who doesn’t like ginormous dinosaurs and hanging airplanes? Right?

The point is, just because it is winter and cold outside, doesn’t mean that you need to lock yourself at home wearing your onesie, drinking hot coco and binge watching shows on netflix for the next 3 months. All we are saying is that you can still drink your hot coco and wear you warm onesie (onder regular cloth) and be outside having fun. No one said that outdoor fun is reserved only for the warmer months.