Fun Ways To Celebrate Your 4th Of July Weekend

HW0_474725You’ve done the fireworks at the National Mall, and the parades and the Capitol 4th Concert, and the long trips to the beach and the crowd and the endless walking in the sun and heat and you just want to do something different and fun this year; away from the large crowd that mill around our Nation’s capital. Well we have some ideas for you. You can bring all the fun out there, closer to home. You can get together with your friends and family and have a fun weekend.

First, compile a list of fun party music that you know you and your guest will enjoy and have fun to or find a pandora radio station that you know will deliver the good music. This will serve as a soundtrack to your party. Next plan several games that you can play outdoors and indoors that both the younger (if you know children will be there) and the older guests will enjoy and participate in. Our favorites and games everyone can participate in easily are cornhole, bocce, ring toss. If you want to bring some of the traditionally indoors games to the outdoors you can play twister on a larger scale in your lawn, or life size checkers, and giant janga. And to keep cool in the hot july day and especially fun for the kids and the young at heart are water balloons (or water guns) fights, dunk buckets, and water slides if your yard allows.HW0_430699

Make sure to keep yourself and your guests hydrated this holiday weekend; as you can see this summer is a scorcher. Water is essential not only to play in or with but to drink. And in the summer holidays ice is also essential to keep our drinks and ourselves from becoming too warm. For alternatives ideas for ice made of water, we suggest cubing some watermelons and freezing them. This way, your delicious drinks (for both the adults and the kids) won’t be too watered down with plain old ice. You can also try making frozen juice cubes. They are fun to look at and delicious. Just don’t forget to drink lots of water; like the flowers we work with, we humans need lot of H2O.

Food is also important. You will be burning a lot energy running around with all the fun activities, so you’ll need your fuel. You can BBQ some burgers, hotdogs and chicken (the usual suspects) or you can make it fun and interesting by adding items that you wouldn’t normally think of. Think BBQed pizza, kebabs, quesadillas, shrimps, instead of your usual chicken breast or legs try the wings. You can grill some fruits like Pineapples and peaches to make them sweeter for a healthy dessert or to add to your ice cream sundaes.

HW0_409541The important thing is to have fun this weekend. You are celebrating the Nation’s independence and freedom, so go ahead and freely laugh and enjoy one another. Explore new ways to celebrate each other and make lasting memories. It’s not about planning too much and working anxiously to have the perfect party. Rather, it’s to enjoy the day and everything it offers freely.

Happy 4th!!!!