Party Ideas from Pinterest

3ba94137e53fe6ac9db7d78a1e7f8e65Are you thinking about throwing a party?  Maybe you need a great idea for your child’s next birthday, or perhaps you’re trying to come up for a theme for your next dinner party.  Either way, check out our Pinterest!  We’ve got a ton of different party ideas.  Here are just a few party themes you might want to use for your next event.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Pinterest is full of ideas for your child’s next birthday.  You’ll find decoration ideas for everything from princesses to superheroes.  While some of these ideas do use store-bought decorations and other items, many of them include things you can make yourself.  Some birthday decorations are entirely handmade, too, such as creating a photo collage of the birthday boy or girl.

Adult Birthday Parties

Planning a party for adults can be a bit trickier since they aren’t usually racecar or Disney themed.  The photo collage idea can be used here, too, especially if you have a lot of older photos or a photo for every year of the birthday person’s life.  You can also do a birthday theme based around their favorite author, favorite movie, or favorite TV show.  For example, you could do a zombie party for someone who loves The Walking Dead.

Dinner Parties

If you’re having friends over for dinner, there are several things you can do.  You might keep it simple—just a nice flower arrangement for a centerpiece and a nice tablecloth.  You could also make dinner into an event by hosting a murder mystery dinner party.  These kits contain almost everything you need for the event, including suggested recipes.  The only thing that’s not included is the decorations.


There are definitely a ton of Halloween ideas on Pinterest!  There are so many different ways you can go: traditional, funny, movie-themed, or a mishmash of different decorations and ideas.  You can transform your home into a Gothic vampire castle or make it into Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.  Or, if you have younger children and don’t want to frighten them, you can do something like a superhero Halloween theme or make it more funny than scary.

A Night with the Girls or Guys

If you’re having your friends over for a poker game or if you and the girls are going to get together to have dinner and watch a movie, you might not really do that much as far as decorating goes.  But you can still make this party into something awesome.  Pinterest has some great ideas for finger foods and other snacks that fit just about any theme.

A Garden Party

Why not take your party outdoors while it’s still nice?  You have a built-in theme, especially if your flowers are still in bloom.  You’ll find some great ideas on Pinterest for incorporating your garden and other existing outdoor decorations into your party.

These are just a few different types of parties for which you can find ideas on Pinterest.  Check out our Party Planning Ideas board for more!

New Year’s 2012 Party Ideas

Are you having a New Year’s Eve party and need some ideas for it?  If so, here are some fun ways for you to ring in the new year!

Play games of some sort.  These can include traditional board games, video games like Rock Band, or even drinking games if your guests like to indulge.

Watch a movie or two.  While you’ll probably want to have the TV on to a countdown event around midnight, you’ll have plenty of time to watch a couple of your favorite movies before or even after the ball drops.

Create a 2011 quiz and have a prize for the person who answers the most questions correctly.  You can ask questions about 2011 world events, television shows, or even questions about things that happened to you and your friends in the past year.

Write 2012 predictions for yourself or for others.

Host a murder mystery dinner party.  You may even be able to find a New Year’s themed edition.

You don’t have to stay in for New Year’s, of course.  You can go out to a local countdown event, go to a club, or go see a movie.  Some cities have a fireworks show to bring in the new year with a bang, plus there are usually a number of live entertainment events going on.  You’re sure to find something for you and your friends and family to enjoy this New Year’s Eve!

Halloween Party Ideas

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming up, and if you don’t have any party ideas, well, you still have a bit of time.  In fact, sometimes last minute Halloween party ideas are the best!  Here are a few different things you could do this Halloween.

If you have kids or will be hosting a Halloween party for kids, you can always create a mini-haunted house in your home.  It doesn’t have to be incredibly scary.  In fact, you probably don’t want to make it that scary.  One thing you can do is blindfold kids and put their hands in different items—spaghetti becomes worms, boiled eggs can be eyeballs, etc. 

Have a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt.  Both can be fun.  Creating a treasure hunt gives your friends or kids the chance to work together, while a scavenger hunt pits teams against each other. 

For adult parties, create a creepy Halloween bar.  Your mad scientist might brew up some pumpkin martinis, witch’s brew, and other scary drinks.  A little food coloring, some neat glasses, and some fun decorations can really add to the overall effect.

Another idea is to have a theme party.  Instead of having everyone come in whatever costume they want, send out invitations listing your theme.  Maybe you want everyone to come as a historical figure, their favorite television character, or a traditional Halloween monster. 

Host a murder mystery party.  You can buy murder mystery kits from a number of different stores.  Generally, these murder mysteries are done over dinner, but they don’t have to be.  Most require between six and eight players, although there are some that accommodate a dozen.

If you need great flowers to use in your Halloween party decorations, there’s still time.  MyFlorist has a number of great boo-quets available!

Decorating for a New Year’s Eve Party: Don’t Forget the Flowers!

 Your New Year’s Eve party is tomorrow night and you still haven’t decided on the decorations?   We have some ideas for you!
All That Glitters
All That Glitters

Choose a theme and design your party decorations and menu around it.  New Year themes can include gold and silver star decorations, gift packs and party favors.  Choose traditional New Year’s colors to start. Metallics like gold and silver with black are popular choices and can be used in any combination. Brights like red, blue, yellow and green are also festive colors you can use to decorate a New Year’s party.  Visit your local party store to select New Years decorations and your local florist for flowers and centerpieces.  Most party stores offer a wide variety of themes, from elegant to family friendly, and themed packages are a great way to coordinate your party and get everything you need. Or go simple, and choose a few key decorations as the focal point for your party.

Patriotic New Year themes can include small flags or decorations that use red, white and blue as the key colors of your indoor and outdoor New Year decorations.  Look for wind chimes, candle decorations in flowers arrangements, ribbons and streamers, noise makers, and balloon decorations.  Set your table with colorful paper goods for ease and convenience. Mix metallic colored plates, cups and napkins with black tablecloths. Before setting the table, liberally strew about a few generous handfuls of glittering confetti and party poppers.  Inflate as many balloons as possible with helium, tie on ribbon, and let them float to the ceiling. You can hang party favors or snacks from the ends of the ribbon. Mylar balloons can reinforce a metallic theme, and a mixture of brightly colored balloons is a feast for the eyes of skyward-looking guests.

Snow, Fire & Ice

Snow, Fire & Ice

Find or create decorations with New Year’s images. Top hats, crowns and noisemakers can double as decorations and costumes if they are hung or placed decoratively. Hang banners featuring “Father Time” and “Baby New Year,” clocks, dates, champagne bottles and glasses. Cut out or printed stars can be another fun theme, and you can even hang strands of star-shaped white lights.  Any specialty shapes can help create a theme.  Hearts, snowflakes, bells and fun confetti are great additions to the overall decor.  Hang festive streamers or strands of ribbon from the ceiling, from railings and decorate the backs of chairs. Recycle metallic ribbons from Christmas.

Make centerpieces low, so party goers can see each other and interact. Try a bowl of floating candles and flowers or a wreath with metallic ribbons and candles.  Floral centerpieces can usually be delivered the morning of the party, or even the day before so they are at their freshest.  Discuss your options with your florist.