Christmas Party Planning Ideas

Are you hosting a Christmas party this year?  If so, you may be feeling a little stressed.  Have you started planning yet?  It doesn’t have to be crazy if you put a little thought into it.  Here are some Christmas party planning ideas that may make your holiday gathering easier to pull together.

If you’re doing a gift exchange, decide on the rules.  Is everyone buying for everyone else?  Are you doing a Dirty Santa game?  What kind of dollar amount should each person spend on a gift?

Are you having a full meal, finger foods, or just snacks?  Decide what, if anything, your guests should bring.  Plan out your menu and make what you can ahead of time.  Be sure to include some healthy snacks for those who don’t want to eat a lot of sweets or may have a restrictive diet.  Also be sure to have a variety of beverages, too.

What type of entertainment will you have?  Some people like to play games or dance at their parties.  Space may be an issue for dancing, but if you have a large table or several folding tables, you and your guests can enjoy board or card games.  Some people forgo games and just have a gathering where people can talk and visit.  You can also lead your guests in Christmas carols, or just have some soft music playing in the background.

Will your party have a theme or central aspect to it?  Some people like to base their parties around the gift exchange, but for others, the meal is the important part.  Some parties involve watching a holiday classic or going out to see Christmas lights.

Are kids coming to your Christmas party?  If so, you’ll want to have activities for them to do.  This may include watching a kid’s holiday show in another room or playing games.  If the weather permits, kids can even make snowmen or have a snowball fight while the adults talk.  Of course, make sure all kid activities have the proper supervision.

Keep the decorations simple with bowls of red cranberries, evergreen boughs placed around the buffet area with cinammon snd small ornaments.  Consider ordering a pretty Christmas centerpiece from your favorite florist.

Don’t get stressed out over your Christmas party.  Remember, it’s supposed to be fun!  Be sure to leave yourself a little time between all the preparations and the actual party to rest, or even take a quick nap, so you’ll be refreshed when your guests arrive.