Re-Energize Your Romance


Swept Away

We’ve all been there. Life becomes a routine and busy and we forget or neglect to nurture our relationship and fall in a rutt. Well now that the HOT weather is here, it’s high time we un-rutt and light up some much needed fire under our relationship. Everything needs dusting off and refreshing once in a while; romantic relationships are no different. We need to make sure that our significant other remembers why s/he chose us over the sea of better suiters.

Romance: n. Enchantment, passion, fascination.

Let’s use the very romantic meaning of romance to help us re-discover that sentimental, fairy tale loving, hearts doodling, goofy smile having selves. Remember those butterflies in the stomach, sweaty hands, mild palpitation of expectation you use to have right before you see your love or right before your honey sees what you’ve planned for him/her. Yes? Well we need to get that back.


Garden Promenade

Enchantment: Think MAGIC. This where you need to come up with new fresh ways to mesmerize, bewitch even, your honey. Plan something that will make your babe see hearts and have dreamy eyes. Go all out with those little gestures that will take him/her to the point of “Overwhelmed with so much LOVE!!!” Make it unexpected. Like on a Wednesday when s/he’s least expecting it. We’re not saying get a string quartet or have Wolfgang Puck cater your meal and send her/him a wall of peonies hydrangeas and roses a la Kanye West. All we’re saying is be creative. You know him/her better than anyone, you know what makes your babe’s hear flutter and go on over drive.

Passion: Put some OOMPH in your plans. Do to please your love, but don’t think of it as an “I have to do it”. Do it because your WANT to do it. That passion will show through your efforts and will lend to the MAGIC of it all. Passion is what will take the heat from a “meh” lukewarm flicker of light to a blazing hot flame. Do those those small things things that your babe sigh with glee, just multiply it by 100 this time. And have a defibrillator handy.


Explosion of Roses

Fascination: Make him/her want more and interested and curious of what’s next. This is where you show your partner that there is more to you than the person that brings greasy chinese home after work and eats it with you with your hands because you are both too tired to get up for forks while sitting on the floor and watching bad TV (too specific?). This is where you prove that, unlike all the other fish in the sea, you have many layers and will keep your relationship new and fresh and exciting.

If all else fails, call a florist. Flowers say romance like nobody’s business. We may be biased but we think an arrangement of deep blood red roses will say your heart pumps blood that is saturated with love for your honey…Right? Right!