Baby, It’s Cold Outside—Romance at Home


The polar vortex has hit the country, and people are staying indoors to keep out of the cold.  But just because you can’t go outside for a romantic date doesn’t mean you can have a little romance in your life.  In fact, you can have plenty of romance at home.  Here are a few different ideas for staying warm indoors while still having a romantic evening.

Have a picnic on your bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner (or order in), and enjoy your favorite movie or music.  If it’s snowing and you still have your Christmas lights up, it will feel magical.  You might even want to get out the lights and decorate for the event.

If sitting on the floor isn’t your idea of a good time, just cook the nice romantic dinner.  Light the table with candles, put on some nice music, and have a fancy dinner at home.  You don’t need to get outdoors in the cold just to have a romantic dinner.

While going out to a theater to see a movie can be fun, watching a movie at home can be just as much fun.  You can have all the popcorn and soda you want without paying the crazy concession stand prices, for one thing.  For another thing, you don’t have to worry about missing a key point of the film if you have to make a bathroom run.  Get a warm blanket and cuddle together.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to keep your romantic fun PG-13.  If you have a large bathtub, you can light some candles, pour some wine, and spend some quality time together covered in bubbles.  This type of evening can easily lead to the bedroom.  You might even want to do something like read a little romantic poetry or, if you sing or play an instrument, sing a love song.

There are many ways to have a romantic night at home.  While these are all great ideas, there are many more that are unique to you and your significant other.  Plan something the two of you love to do and see where the evening takes you.

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Top 5 Date Night at Home Themes

Sometimes you really want to set a mood and make your time alone with the person you love simple and special. Here are 5 fun ideas to help you get started.  Should you choose one of our suggestions or create your own, we wish you a fantastic evening!


Movie Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Amélie (2001)
Music Indie Pop
Food Indian: Chutney, Curry
French Onion Soup, Crusty Bread,
Creme Brulee
Flowers Daisy Cheer
Candles Tapers



Movie My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)
Nights in Rodanthe
Music Michael Buble
Light Jazz
Food Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Grilled Chicken or Steak
Flowers Hopeless Romantic
Candles Numerous Votives, Strategically Placed


Film Noir

Movie Double Indemnity (1944)
Pulp Fiction (1994)
Music Classical
Food Popcorn
Hors Duerves
Flowers Boxed Roses
Candles Tapers



Movie Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
The Bourne Supremacy
Enchanted Journey
Music Soundtrack, Orchestral Score, Christophe Beck
Food Cheese, Fruit, Crackers
Flowers Enchanted Journey
Candles Tapers Melted In Empty Wine Bottles



Movie The Princess Bride (1987)
King Kong (2005)
At First Blush
Music Instrumentals
Food Fruit
Finger Foods
Flowers At First Blush
Candles Pillars Arranged in River Rock


We also recommend making it easy on yourself.  Order take-out, plan ahead for the DVDs and music, and use your fireplace instead of candles.  Choose movies that you will both enjoy.  Consider watching the first movie you saw together, listen to your favorite song, eat the foods you ate on your honeymoon. Mix it up; make it about both of you!

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Last Minute Romantic Valentine Ideas

Valentine Romance

Valentine Romance

You procrastinated when planning a romantic Valentine’s Day this year?   And now all the best restaurants are booked and the limo services aren’t even answering their phones.  It’s not too late.  Order the flowersToday.  Then plan some quality romantic moments for tomorrow.

Here are five great mix and match ideas for saving yourself and enjoying time with your partner.   Keep in mind that you need to plan an experience, add the element of surprise, and, above all, be totally focused on your dearest.

Enjoy a picnic.  Choose the location.  Your living room floor, your backyard, at the park or public garden, anywhere you can spread a blanket will do.  Choose the time.  Breakfast, which might include your bringing a favorite cereal, bowls, spoons and milk.  Lunch, which can be already put together sandwiches and chips on paper plates with soft drinks.  Or you can order takeout from a favorite restaurant for a dinner picnic and include a bottle of wine and wine glasses.  If it’s late enough, you can lie back on the blanket afterwards and stargaze and talk about life and each other. 

Walk or hike.   Walk downtown and window shop,  holding hands and allowing yourselves a small budget to spend on each other.  See if you can buy something without the other’s knowledge and surprise him or her.   See a matinee or take a local bus tour.    Or, if you have access to wide open country, go for a hike.  Take along water and a small sack lunch.  Plan ahead and think of everything so your partner can relax and enjoy.   It’s always a good idea to have a surprise gift tucked away in your jacket or backpack to present while you are resting.

Gift a spa day.  Giving a spa gift certificate is great, but not as romantic as being the masseusse yourself.   You can provide a much more relaxing treatment at home and reap the rewards yourself.  Usually a spa day would include a bubble bath, a massage, and a facial.   Chances are you have all the supplies you need already on hand.   Clean towels, bubble bath, a soft robe, a place to lounge, massage oils (protect fabric with a clean sheet if you are using massage oils), a mud mask, candles, and hot teas or decaffeinnated beverages are the basics.  Put on some relaxing mood music.  For more ideas, read Give Yourself a Spa Day.  Don’t get bogged down in the details.  Choose two or three things that you would feel comfortable doing, and keep it simple and easy so you are both relaxed.

Have a day of fun.  Your partner’s idea of fun, that is.  Spend the day doing what he or she likes and be gracious and fun.    Take your camera or cell phone along and have strangers take your pictures as a couple throughout the day.   Be spontaneous or prepared, based on what you know about your partner.  

Plan a romantic dinner at home.  The food is not as important as the work you put into it.  Setting the table, putting on music, lighting candles and adding a few roses can make macaroni and cheese seem like a banquet.  If you don’t want to cook and be worried about cleaning the kitchen, order takeout or delivery.  Just remember to make it a surprise and look deep into your partner’s eyes during dinner.   

And, some nice romantic touches that can add to any of the above experiences include:
  • Flowers – arranged to have them delivered at the beginning of your romantic efforts
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries or champagne
  • Tickets to an event that your partner will enjoy
  • A love letter or short, romantic texts – check out some love poems online


We wish you all the best this Valentine’s Day!

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