Valentine Romance: Alive and Well

Some pessimists will tell you that chivalry is dead, gentlemen have vanished, and romance has one foot in the grave.  It may very well seem like it, sometimes, but Valentine romance, at least, is certainly very alive and well.  You’ll see it a lot over the next few weeks, but it will be especially obvious on Valentine’s Day itself.

What makes Valentine’s Day so romantic?  Well, there’s nothing romantic about the day itself.  In fact, at first glance, it’s so commercialized that there doesn’t seem to be much romance there at all.  What’s romantic about those cheap plastic cupid decorations, the overpriced greeting cards with their sappy poetry, or those candy hearts that taste like chalk?  The trappings of the holiday really don’t amount to much.

It’s what your significant other does, and the personal touches he or she adds, that make the holiday so romantic and perfect.  Sometimes, this means acting like a gentleman by holding the door or pulling out your chair for you.  For others, the romance comes in the little things, the way he holds your hand or the sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you.  Maybe it doesn’t even involve doing anything special—some people can have a very romantic evening staying home, cooking a frozen pizza, and watching TV.  It all depends on what you consider romantic.

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year when men pull out all the stops.  They plan a fancy dinner, order flowers, and generally go above and beyond to make you feel special.  From the moment he hands you the single red rose or leads you to the horse-drawn carriage ride around the park, you know the Valentine’s Day romance is still going strong.  Don’t let the pessimists get you down—this Valentine’s will be romantic and special no matter what he plans!

Romantic Getaways in the City





HW0_446483A long weekend is coming up and you are probably thinking what you can do with your sweetie to enjoy the time off. You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to go very far to have a romantic time away. There some hidden gems around our lovely city that will offer you some much deserved RR&R (rest, relaxation and romance). And you do deserve to have some time where you put your day to day hustle and bustle aside, put your responsibilities and obligation on pause and get to enjoy your honey. Don’t you think?


There are some of the great places you can go that we think will give you that “I went away on a getaway” feeling without really leaving home. There are several Bed & Breakfasts peppered around the Washington Metro area that would be a great option to get our of your house and pretend you are in a far away land with your love. Most of these places are converted old mansions or historical houses. So you can enjoy their history playing love struck tourists and live out some Downton Abbey fantasies.

Or you can book yourself a room at a hotel. the point of his is to get away all the things you think you have/must do at home and just enjoy each other. you don’t have to make the bed, do the dishes, vacuum or pick up after yourself. Your sole responsibility if ensuring that you and your hone have a great time with hearts in your eyes.


And you really want to take a not so far trip but far enough to feel like you are not within reaching distance from home, there  are plenty of places around our fair city that we can escape to and have some much  needed cuddle time with our babe. There are a plethora of cabins and B&Bs and resorts that you can book yourself in for a couple of days and take advantage of all the amenities and service spoiling you honey and yourself rotten.If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind driving an hour or so out of the city you can venture to resorts that offer entertainments for lover like couple’s massage, wine tasting and various activities. You can go to Lansdowne Resort if you don’t want to go too far. This way you don’t have to take a long trip and you are not too far if you need to rush back home.

Romantic getaways do not have to be to a tropical island or a european city nor does it mean you have to spend a ton of money. It only takes a few days, you honey bu your sides and emptying your brain of all those things that bug you all day long.



Re-Energize Your Romance


Swept Away

We’ve all been there. Life becomes a routine and busy and we forget or neglect to nurture our relationship and fall in a rutt. Well now that the HOT weather is here, it’s high time we un-rutt and light up some much needed fire under our relationship. Everything needs dusting off and refreshing once in a while; romantic relationships are no different. We need to make sure that our significant other remembers why s/he chose us over the sea of better suiters.

Romance: n. Enchantment, passion, fascination.

Let’s use the very romantic meaning of romance to help us re-discover that sentimental, fairy tale loving, hearts doodling, goofy smile having selves. Remember those butterflies in the stomach, sweaty hands, mild palpitation of expectation you use to have right before you see your love or right before your honey sees what you’ve planned for him/her. Yes? Well we need to get that back.


Garden Promenade

Enchantment: Think MAGIC. This where you need to come up with new fresh ways to mesmerize, bewitch even, your honey. Plan something that will make your babe see hearts and have dreamy eyes. Go all out with those little gestures that will take him/her to the point of “Overwhelmed with so much LOVE!!!” Make it unexpected. Like on a Wednesday when s/he’s least expecting it. We’re not saying get a string quartet or have Wolfgang Puck cater your meal and send her/him a wall of peonies hydrangeas and roses a la Kanye West. All we’re saying is be creative. You know him/her better than anyone, you know what makes your babe’s hear flutter and go on over drive.

Passion: Put some OOMPH in your plans. Do to please your love, but don’t think of it as an “I have to do it”. Do it because your WANT to do it. That passion will show through your efforts and will lend to the MAGIC of it all. Passion is what will take the heat from a “meh” lukewarm flicker of light to a blazing hot flame. Do those those small things things that your babe sigh with glee, just multiply it by 100 this time. And have a defibrillator handy.


Explosion of Roses

Fascination: Make him/her want more and interested and curious of what’s next. This is where you show your partner that there is more to you than the person that brings greasy chinese home after work and eats it with you with your hands because you are both too tired to get up for forks while sitting on the floor and watching bad TV (too specific?). This is where you prove that, unlike all the other fish in the sea, you have many layers and will keep your relationship new and fresh and exciting.

If all else fails, call a florist. Flowers say romance like nobody’s business. We may be biased but we think an arrangement of deep blood red roses will say your heart pumps blood that is saturated with love for your honey…Right? Right!


Fantasy Football VS Fashion Week: How To Survive The Two Worlds


Last week you buried your faces into your cell-phone, tablets, laptops and desktops obsessing over who to draft, who’s to start, who to bench, and kept checking on updates every 3.5 minutes to see how you are faring against your FF opponents. It is the regular season football after all and your significant other surely understands the importance. Then you discover she has found solace in shopping for…well, a whole new wardrobe only to find that fashion week starts this week in DC and she must find a cute outfit to wear to the shows that will tell her what is in style this coming season. Now you have a household split in the sports and fashion world. How do you co-exist and make sure that at the end of the season you won’t end up living out of her shoe box both because you have thoroughly neglected her and because she has decided to buy just about every piece on the runway?


Gentlemen err…or shall we say team managers, you will need to romance her right off her Italian leather boots. Make sure that on those days your players are not playing, you shower her with as much attention you usually reserve for when you are studying a running back’s stats. this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money to prove to her that she is #1 in you heart, you can keep it simple like a foot rub (she’ll need one after having squeezed her feet in those boots trying to break them in), or run her a bubble bath (this way you have some time to yourself to bathe your eyes with television glare), send her some “I’m always thinking of you” flowers and chocolates at work (major brownie points for this one), and show some interest in her current obsession, which will most likely be D.C. fashion week. She will love to know what kinds of cloth you like seeing her in.

And ladies, although it is in fact a fact that retail therapy is a cure-all kind of therapy and that you simply must own that blouse in every color, and buy shoes to match (obviously), remember that your honey is in pain watching his player, who was projected to have 21 points is now stuck at 3 and the game is 2 minutes away from ending. He wants to win, no, he needs to win, much like he needed to win your heart. We know that you need to know what the hot colors and trends of the season are, we won’t allow you to spend the rest of the year looking like a goof. However, try showing some interest in his sports obsession, ask questions, try to understand how this whole game works or even join a fantasy football league of your own and ask him to help you draft your team or chose the player that looks the cutest and has the best looking jersey. Who knows, you might end up doing better than he does. Give him a shoulder massage to melt those knots he’s named Victor Cruz. Get him a tasty snack to nibble on while he pulls his hair out.

All we’re saying is that you won’t need to have a home divided. You can mesh your two worlds together and come out with cute strappy heels  and a belt to match and a happy team manager who’s honey didn’t nag him into a coma.


Five Things You Need for the Perfect Romantic Evening

891359-young-couple-sharing-a-glass-of-red-wine-in-restaurant-celebrating-or-on-romantic-date-1024x683Planning your Valentine’s Day, or just want a few tips for putting together a romantic evening?  There are five things that all perfect romantic evenings need.  If you want to wow her, here’s your checklist:

1.    A great meal.  That old saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach can apply to women as well.  Wow her with her favorite meal or take her out to her favorite restaurant.

2.    Set the tone with some romantic music.  Pick something you know she enjoys.

3.    Make sure the location is perfect.  If you’re at home, make sure everything’s cleaned up and organized.  If you’re going out, pick a place you know she likes.  Also think about reservations, especially for Valentine’s Day.

4.    Give her a token of your appreciation.  This can be something simple like a bouquet of flowers or something more extravagant like jewelry (or both!).

5.    Give her the gift of your time and attention.  Turn off your phone and actually focus on her.  In today’s fast paced world, this personal connection often gets overlooked and put on the back burner.  Be in the moment!

Let us help with the flower part of this list!  We have some amazing romantic flowers in Washington, D.C.

Romance is Timeless. How to Keep it Fresh

Without romance, where would we be?  Romantic relationships drive us, give us a reason to deal with the everyday grind, and make us happy.  Romance is timeless, but sometimes it can get a little stale if you’re not careful.  Even the most passionate relationship can fall into a rut from time to time.  If you notice that happening with your relationship, you need to do something to freshen it up.  Here are a few ideas.

•    Take a spontaneous weekend vacation.  You don’t have to go far, just get out of your usual surroundings.  A night in a hotel room in a different city can work wonders.  Try a new restaurant, see a play or concert, and enjoy a night away.  This can be especially nice if you have children since parents rarely get to have date night.  Of course, you’ll need to find a baby sitter with short notice, but that’s not impossible.

•    Try new things.  Go to a different restaurant or check out a new attraction.  A change can often really help a relationship.  If most of your activities together are indoors, try going out for a walk under the stars.  If you’re always out doing things, set aside an evening to stay at home.  Whatever you do, mix it up a little.

•    Surprise her.  Make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant without telling her, or show up at her office to take her out to lunch.  Send her flowers at work.  Buy her a gift when she’s not expecting it.  You don’t have to wait for her birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day to make a romantic gesture.

•    Compliment her, especially when she’s not looking for a compliment.

•    Try doing an activity together that you haven’t done together before.  Try each other’s hobbies.  You might find that you enjoy them.

Keep the romance alive by surprising her with a bouquet of flowers in McLean, VA.

How to be Romantic in 5 Simple Steps

Being romantic isn’t always easy, and it’s not something all guys are good at.  However, it’s not that hard to learn to be romantic.  These five simple steps will impress your girlfriend, your spouse, or the woman you want to woo.  Once you’ve got this down, you can add your own little flourishes and ideas to it and watch her fall in love with you all over again (or for the first time).

1.    Be a gentleman.  They say chivalry is dead—prove them wrong!  Open doors for her (and don’t forget the car door), pull out her chair, and offer her your jacket if she’s cold.  These little things will definitely add up.  One bit of chivalry you might let die is ordering for her.  Most women don’t like that, especially if you don’t know what she might want and just guess.

2.    Give her flowers.  If it’s a first date, a dozen roses might be a bit much, but a single long-stemmed rose is perfect.  If you’re romancing your long-term girlfriend or wife, a dozen roses or a bouquet of her favorite flowers is perfect.

3.    Listen to what she’s saying.  This seems so simple, but many guys just don’t pay much attention.  Often, all it takes to be really romantic is to have a conversation.  It doesn’t have to be about anything important.  Also listen to her likes and dislikes so you don’t accidentally give her something she hates or is allergic to.

4.    Make it personal.  Sure, chocolates, roses, and a stuffed bear can be romantic, but they’re also somewhat generic.  Instead of any box of chocolates, pick up her favorite.  If she loves red roses, that’s great, but if she really like lilies, get her those instead.  Getting her something that she really loves instead of something generic shows that you listen to her and that you know her.

5.    Surprise her.  Every now and then, give her a gift just because.  Bring her flowers on days other than her birthday and her anniversary.  Take her out to lunch just because you were missing her.  Do the unexpected!

These five tips will help add romance to your life and show her just how much you care.

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Winter Romance Hot Spots in DC

If you’re in the DC area and are looking for a nearby winter romance hot spot, you’re in luck—our nation’s capitol has a good number of places to check out.  If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season and just relax with your special someone, here are a few places to visit.

The Hotel Washington is one of the most romantic hotels in the city.  Their rooms and suites are very luxurious.  Even if you don’t want to spend the night there, you might want to head up to the roof and have a couple of cocktails at the bar.

There are a number of other very romantic hotels in the area.  The Hay Adams Hotel, for example, has very great little luxurious extras like fuzzy robes, slippers, and more.  They even have a romance package that includes a private tour of the Washington monuments at night.

The Mandarin Oriental hotel has a Presidential Suite that is everything you might want for a honeymoon or anniversary.  Amenities include things like a candlelit dinner, massage, and a champagne breakfast.

If you want a great, romantic dinner, book a dinner cruise on the Potomac River.  Odyssey Cruises has a number of different romantic dinner cruises, plus they have brunch and lunchtime cruises as well.

If you don’t mind a short drive, the Luray Virginia Romantic Cabins are only about an hour and a half from DC.  They offer hot tub suites, private decks, and fireplaces.  You’ll find a lot of outdoor activities at nearby Shenandoah National Park, although it is getting a little too cold to do a lot of hiking.

Of course, there are many more romantic places to visit in Washington, DC, this winter.  If you’re in the mood for a little winter romance, why not check out some of your favorite areas to see what they have planned this season?

Romantic Fun at Home

A romantic dinner for two can be a great way to start a date at home.

A romantic dinner for two can be a great way to start a date at home.

While a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant followed by a concert or a show can make for a great evening out, there’s nothing wrong with having a little romantic fun at home.  In fact, for couples on a budget (and who isn’t on a budget these days?), planning a romantic night at home may be the only real option.  If you’re watching the wallet, here are a few ideas for saving money.

Have a picnic on your living room or bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner (or maybe some ramen noodles if money is really tight!), and enjoy your favorite movie or put on some music.  It has all the charm of a picnic outdoors but without the bugs or the weather. 

If sitting on the floor isn’t your idea of a good time, cook a nice romantic dinner.  Light the table with candles, put on some nice music, and have a fancy dinner at home.  You don’t need waiters or expensive desserts to make it a nice meal.

While going out to a theater to see a movie can be fun, watching a movie at home can be just as much fun.  You can have all the popcorn and soda you want without paying the crazy concession stand prices, for one thing.  For another thing, you don’t have to worry about missing a key point of the film if you have to make a bathroom run.  Oh, and there are no noisy children or rude theater-goers.  Of course, if you have children, you may want to arrange for them to stay over at a friend’s or relative’s house for the evening so they don’t interrupt!

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to keep your romantic fun PG-13.  If you have a large bathtub, you can light some candles, pour some wine, and spend some quality time together covered in bubbles.  This type of evening can easily lead to the bedroom.  For a little romance there, sprinkle some fresh rose petals on the bed (free if you have roses and they’re in bloom) and, again, put on some nice music.  You might even want to do something like read a little romantic poetry or, if you sing or play an instrument, sing a love song.

There are many ways to have a romantic night at home.  While these are all great ideas, there are many more that are unique to you and your significant other.  Plan something the two of you love to do and see where the evening takes you.

Top Ten Romantic Date Ideas for Summer

Need some romantic ideas for this summer?  While a bottle of wine and a nice bouquet of flowers might set the mood, most women want a bit more for a romantic date.  Here are ten great romantic plans for this summer.


For the traditionalist, never underestimate the power of a romantic dinner.  Even though it’s a date in instead of a date out, cooking (or having delivered) a great dinner, setting the mood with candles and music, and then watching a romantic movie can make for an amazing evening.


Another traditional type of date is to go on a picnic.  There are many different parks in the area that make for great date settings.  Just pack a nice picnic lunch, grab a blanket, and head off for a nice day outdoors.  Just check the weather report first—you don’t want to get rained out!


If you don’t like heading outdoors, dealing with bugs, or facing bad weather, you can always have a romantic picnic indoors.  Clear away your living room furniture or push your bed out of the way and spread your blanket out right there.  Pour some wine, set out the sandwiches, and enjoy your own private picnic in the comfort of your own home.


Going out and watching the sun set is also a very romantic way of spending the evening.  You can watch it from your own backyard, from a park, or from just about anywhere.  If you drive out of the city, you can even enjoy watching the stars come out after the sun sets. 


Go out on a boat.  If you live near a lake or the ocean, you can most likely find a company that will allow you to rent a sailboat or other type of craft.  Some places even offer dinner cruises on larger ships.  This can be a very different kind of date that adds some excitement to the romance.


Going horseback riding can also be a very romantic date that is different and exciting.  However, if your significant other doesn’t like going outdoors or animals, this might not be the best type of date!


Another idea for high school or college sweethearts is to head back to your alma mater for a sporting event.  Take in a game, maybe spend some time wandering around campus, and relive old memories.  It can be nostalgic and romantic to remember how your relationship was back then.


Take a hot air balloon ride.  If you’ve never seen the world from the sky, imagine how much fun it can be to do so with your sweetheart.  The two of you can soar above the land while cuddling together.


If the two of you enjoy dancing, head out to a club.  While it may not be the most romantic type of date, it can be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy slow dancing.


Finally, relive your first date.  Go to the same restaurant, do a similar activity, and recreate all of the same emotions you felt back then.  Afterwards, you may even want to cuddle in bed and talk about how your relationship has grown and changed since then.