5 Steps to a Romantic Night at Home that She Won’t Forget

Romantic Rose
Romantic Rose

Here are some tried and true steps for a classic romatic evening at home.  The key is to set a relaxing mood and pamper her extravagently.

Step 1:  Gather supplies. 
2 – 3 days ahead of time.
Here are some supplies you may need to line up beforehand – keep in mind what she likes and make changes to our advice accordingly.  If you are surprising her, hide everything! 
  • Tapered Candles – at least 2, with holders.   You can find these at a candle shop or a department store.
  • Wine – You can find good wine starting at $10 a bottle.  Ask your liquor store clerk for help. 
  • Flowers – Order a quality flower arrangement and have it delivered just before she arrives home.  If you are not surprising her, you might want to have them delivered to her workplace.  If you are ordering roses, buy one, two or three dozen.  Call your florist and make arrangements now.  Consider ordering an elegant centerpiece for the dinner table as well.
  • Mood music.  Set up a CD or Ipod speaker system to play her favorite relaxing music.   Burn her favorite mix, if you have the chance.
  • Bubble bath and votive candles.  These can be found at a department store at the mall or possibly your neighborhood drug store.
  • You’ll need to either cook her favorite meal or order it for pickup.  Plan this ahead of time so you aren’t stressed.

Step 2 – Set the Stage
2 Hours – 4 Hours Ahead of Time

  • Clean the house.  At least the areas visible to her during the evening.
  • Set the table with your best china, cutlery, napkins & stemware.
  • If you chose a white wine, put it in the fridge to chill at least three hours ahead of time.
  • Put the tall candles in the center of the table.  Don’t light them until just before she arrives.
  • Pick up dinner or begin cooking.  Coordinate your cooking  times with your personal grooming time and/or hers.  If you are picking up, do it before she arrives.
  • Shave, shower and shampoo.  Brush your teeth.  Splash on a little cologne.  Put on clean, dress-casual clothes.
  • Set up the bathroom.  This is optional.  She may enjoy a long bubble bath surrounded by candles while you finish preparing the food.  It is okay to ask her if she wants a half hour or hour to herself before dinner.  She may enjoy relaxing and making herself look good for you, too!

Step 3 – Meet Her at the Door
Just as the night begins.

Give her a kiss and present her flowers with a smile.   Show her the table, let her know the menu, and offer her a glass of wine and a bubble bath.   Time the meal preparation accordingly. 

Step 4 – Wine and Dine
Relax and enjoy the ambiance!

Turn on the music.  Light the candles.  Top off the wine glasses. Eat, drink and enjoy yourselves.

Step 5 – Be Charming and Considerate
All night long.

Enjoy the evening.  You both deserve it!  Just remember to clean the kitchen for her the next day and bask in the loving looks she sends your way.