Ten Ways to Share This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the spirit of sharing.  Some families have different traditions when it comes to sharing.  Are you looking for a new way of sharing this year?  If so, here are ten different ways of sharing at Thanksgiving—one or two may be perfect for your family.

1.    Share your feelings.  Don’t assume that others know you’re thankful that they are in your life.  Don’t just stop at your friends and family, though.  Share a smile, a hug, or a “thank you” with others throughout each day.

2.    Share your time and love with others – volunteer at a homeless shelter.

3.    Know someone who will be alone on Thanksgiving?  Invite them to your dinner.

4.    Make a monetary donation to a food bank or other charity.  If you’ve been thinking of cutting your hair and it’s long enough, consider donating it to the Locks of Love charity.

5.    Visit a retirement or senior citizens home and visit with those who don’t have family.

6.    Take a dessert or snack to the office the day before, or take a dish to a neighbor who may have fallen on hard times.

7.    Write a letter to a soldier who is stationed overseas.

8.    Adopt an animal from a shelter.  You’re not just sharing your love, you’re saving a life.

9.    Do a little fall cleaning and donate gently used items to a shelter or a charity.

10.    Share your skills with the elderly or the disabled by helping them around the house.  This is especially important for those who need some housework done before the weather gets too cold but aren’t able to do it themselves.  Helping seal windows and cracks in an elderly person’s home can help them stay warm and healthy this winter.

One way of sharing how much you love someone is to send them flowers!  We’ve got many great flower arrangements in Washington, D.C., that will express your feelings!