Snow Day Fun

hpa8ermokrasiesIs the snowy weather making you feel down?  There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy a snow day, even if you can’t leave your house.  Here are a few different snow day fun ideas to entertain yourself and your family.

•    Have a home date.  Cook your favorite meal, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie, or spend the day enjoying hobbies you both like.

•    If you live by yourself or will be home alone, you can spend the day pampering yourself.  Laze around reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing nothing.  Take the time to recharge and relax.

•    Play cards or board games together.  Make it a family competition.

•    Go out and play in the snow!  Why not?

•    Go ice skating at one of the local skating rinks.

•    Sleep in late!

•    It might not be completely fun, but you can always spend a snow day doing those chores and other things around the house that you keep putting off.

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