Take a Staycation at your Desk!

Take a staycation!

Are you overwhelmed with work and the pressures of life?  If so, you might want to take a vacation.  However, that’s not always possible due to your workload or other responsibilities.  One thing you can do, though, is take a short “staycation” at your own desk!

What is a staycation?  It’s a relatively new slang word that’s a combination of “stay” and “vacation.”  It means to take a break without going anywhere.  Some people take staycations by taking off work for a week or so and just staying home, kicking back, and doing nothing.  Sometimes that’s not even an option, though.

If you find yourself needing a major break during the day, you can take a quick staycation at your desk.  There are a few different ways of doing this.  One thing you can do is push your chair back, close your eyes, and just rest for a minute or two.  Now, be careful you don’t fall asleep—you certainly don’t want a co-worker or, worse, your boss stepping in and seeing you asleep!  But resting your eyes for just a few minutes, especially if you’ve been staring at your computer screen for several hours, can really help.  Take a make-believe vacation to a tropical island for just a minute.

Another option, especially if you spend all day sitting, is to get up and move around for five minutes or so.  Move around, do some jumping jacks or simple stretching exercises, and get the blood flowing to your legs again.  In recent years, a number of studies have shown how unhealthy it truly is for people to sit all day.  You need to do something every few hours, at the bare minimum, that gets you up and moving.

We love the idea of just using your imagination.  focus on something that reminds you of a peaceful getaway.  A green plant or a picture or screensaver of a beautiful beach, for example.  Then close your eyes for a moment and imagine being there.  Smelling the flowers, listening to the waves wash up on the shore.  The better your imagination, the better you feel!  Or simply plan the perfect vacations.  Even if you never actually go, just the act of planning a fabulous getaway can reduce stress.

A quick desk staycation can be a great way of stepping back and letting your brain recharge.  If you just can’t seem to figure out why numbers aren’t adding up or how to make two dozen schedules match up for a meeting, sometimes it really does help to take a short break.  Let your mind wander off, and it just might come back with the solution you’ve been looking for.  Just be sure you don’t take work staycations too often!

Pick a lush green plant as a focal point for your desk!