Summer in Pandemic Times

Whether you have been isolated at home or working on the front lines, COVID-19 has been causing all of us to deal with a stressful year.  We are weary and worried and we are wondering when life will go back to being more like our “real lives.”

If you’ve missed your regular summer activities because of closures and cancellations, you know the feeling of being in limbo.  Of waiting for the world to start back up.  Most of us are experiencing some level of depression and loneliness.  Family members are seen less frequently and attending a wedding or a funeral has become a life or death decision.  

Social media is full of factoids that may or may not be actual facts.  Posts can be political or divisive and just add to our stress levels.  

So, how can you enjoy the last week or two of summer vacation?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Embrace your inner child.  Remember running through a sprinkler?  That’s still fun.  So is playing in the mud.
  • Remember nature?  Immerse yourself in it.  Collect rocks because they are pretty or unique or you want to paint them.  Press flowers or 4 leaf clovers.  
  • Use your backyard as a park.  Set up your tent and camp out for a day or a a weekend.  Spread out a blanket and have a picnic.  
  • Give your mind a vacation.   Turn off your phone.  Seriously.  Anything electronic that has a screen, just turn them off for a couple of hours.  Read fiction.  Clean the garage.  Organize your life.  Look at old photo albums.  Be artistic and creative.  Work up to more frequent and longer breaks.
  • Find your sports equipment.  Bikes.  Balls.  Cross trainers.  Ride around the block.  Walk.  Run.  Toss the ball in the air or with your kids or companion.  You know, embrace your inner child.
  • Stay in touch.  Use the video chat on your phone to talk to people.  It really gives you a meaningful way to connect with people so much more than texting or calling.   And send letters and cards.  Send flowers or gift baskets.  Let everyone you know who is isolated that you are thinking of them and miss them.
  • Be random and spontaneous.  Do a web search and pick the 5th fun idea to do this summer!
  • Plan ahead for next summer.  We are betting everyone will pack in all the activities they missed this year and then some!  Travelling, sports, concerts, plays, parties, weddings, and all the social interactions!

We hope you enjoy the rest of this summer as much as possible.  It’s important to focus on positive actions and thoughts.  


And use local businesses who practice safe COVID-19 measures like we do.  Check out our COVID-19 policy here.