5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Administrative Professional

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There you are sitting at your desk thinking, contemplating your next world take over when your calendar reminder pops up to tell you that you have a meeting tomorrow at 10am that you set up months ago while playing golf and rubbing elbows with who’s who of the industry and had forgotten all about. And your eyes go wide open and bug out and you think “Yawza! Forgot about that!” Well guess who didn’t forget. That’s right! Your Administrative Assistant. Your fabulous AA set up you calendar reminder and confirmed your appointment, prepared your PowerPoint presentation, pulled all the data and pertinent information, prepared your report, printed it collated, made copies arranged it perfectly and professionally in presentation folders. All while s/he ordered your office supplies, made your traveling arrangements, arranged catering for your lunch meetings, sent flowers to the employee who just had a baby AND remembered your mother’s birthday and sent her flowers too, arranged pickup and delivery of those important time sensitive documents, and made sure that you did what you did best without having to worry about all the other details. So you tell us, does your Admin deserve a thank you? We think a resounding big fat YES is the answer you are looking for. Your administrative Assistants are your soldiers and you are their general. Their success is your success and vice versa. Their reward is your reward. So tell us big boss, what are you rewarding yourself….er we mean you super-duper assistant with? We have some suggestions.HW0_647405

  1. Flowers. Yes, yes, we know we are a florist and surprise surprise we would suggest flowers. Shocking! We know. But seriously, what’s more perfect? You tell us what would say “thank you” better than flowers. Nothing, that’s what. Unless you want to hand your AA handful of raw cash but that’s not classy, and we know you are one classy human. The beauty, colors, and ability to cheer even the grumpiest of humans that flowers possess is the best way to say “thank you, you are as delightful to have around as a bouquet of these blooms”. We honestly think that they are the easiest yet the perfect most excellent way to express your gratitude. Flowers are a gift that keep on giving. Win-win we think.
  2. HW0_64857Gift baskets. We understand that not everyone is into flowers. We think that’s just coo-coo, but we won’t judge. And for those that don’t get gooey feelings over flowers, we suggest something with gastronomic appeal. A basket laden with fresh, juicy and refreshing fruit with yummy gourmet cheeses, chocolates nuts and other delectable hand-picked and arranged to make the perfect gift that will make your Admin Assistant feel appreciated. In fact they will feel so appreciated and valued they may even want to share what’s in the basket with you.We told you a reward for them is a reward for you, didn’t we? You can actually throw in a bottle of wine or bubbly in there too! HW0_417674
  3. Now you are thinking, well flowers are pretty and all but might die and your sentiments of thanks will wilt and evaporate along with the blooms and the water they are in. And Gift baskets are fine but your admin is a picky eater and you don’t want to offend her/him by giving her/him non-gluten free, non-GMO, non-organic product that s/he is trying to avoid or items that are counter productive in her pursuit to maintain her/his figure. Well fine, we can work with that. We present the potted plant. This, as long as maintained well, is a gift that will last for ever and ever and ever or until that month your assistant gets too busy with organizing that conference you will be speaking at on top of his bazillion duties and forgets to water his/her plant. You can choose a fabulous blooming plant like a Phalaenopsis orchid or a melange of small green in an exquisite dish or a lush full plant s/he can put in the corner of her/his office or cubicle. Whatever you choose will send a truly lasting message of thanks for all the s/he does for you and the success of the company.
  4. 6454m_Balloon-Bouquet12-MylarPerhaps your AA just about kills every plant s/he so much as looks at and flowers are just not her/his thing and a gift basket will just ruin his/her healthy living road s/he’s on. Now what? Remember this is a day of celebration of a true professional. A party in a way. And no party is a happening party without balloons. You can embarrass (in a good way) the living staples out of your AA with happy, floating, mass of your herald of your thanks in the form of mylar balloons. Just imagine them hovering over his/her desk saying to every on looker and passerby that your AA is the BEST Admin Assistant EVER! Your AA will be the envy of the office, and rightly so! S/he works for a boss that recognizes and appreciates her contribution to her/his success. That’s you champ.
  5. AdminBlog REThis last suggestion may not feel like an actual gift, but it may be the most honest and probably the one that will truly speak the most. Literally. Either in the notes being delivered with your gifts or in person or both, tell your assistant that s/he is a truly valued member of your team. That what s/he does for you has not gone unnoticed, unappreciated and undervalued. Your AA may simply find reward and satisfaction in a job well done or may not expect or need an atta’a boy or a pat on the back for nailing that report for you. But how cool is it to just shock them  with a heartfelt thank you. We promise you that it will give your AA an extra boost to do even better for you and work with a ginormous smile on his/her face and feel like what s/he does actually makes a difference (s/he may already know this but it is good to be reminded sometimes). THANK YOU is a very powerful sentence. People take it for granted. Don’t give a passive meh-thanks-meh, but look your AA in the eyes and give him/her an honest, heartfelt, meaningful “THANK YOU”!



The (Almost) Lost Art of Saying Thank You

myfloristthanksThose young kids today just don’t know how to be grateful!  Well, that’s what the older generation says, anyway.  Whether you believe this or not, it does seem like the younger generations have a more relaxed attitude towards saying thank you.  It’s not that they don’t, it’s that they tend to say it with an email or a quick text message instead of a more formal or demonstrative way.  The art of saying thank you seems to have been lost.

That’s not to say people never said thank you with just a quick message in the past.  On the contrary, many people used thank you cards to express their gratitude.  However, these cards took more thought and effort than a quick email.  You had to purchase the card, which meant looking through the store’s selection and picking one that you felt had some connection to the recipient.  Then you had to hand-write a message in the card (or at least sign your name) and hand address it.  You either had to personally deliver it or put it in the mail.  It was a process, and it was much more personal than an email or text.

Another part of the art of saying thank you is that it was often done with more than just a card.  People often said thank you with a small homemade trinket, some homemade cookies, or a bouquet of fresh flowers.  These gifts weren’t always expensive or elaborate, but they took time, and that showed that the giver was truly appreciative.  An email doesn’t take much time, so that personal effort that says “I really appreciate what you did for me” isn’t really there.

But even though the art of saying thank you may not be as visible in the younger generation, that doesn’t mean the attitude of thankfulness is gone.  On the other hand, with people so busy every day, just seeing that someone did take a minute to email you a quick thanks does mean a lot.  It means that they thought enough of what you did for them that they put down their smart phone, clicked off of Facebook, or turned away from the TV for a minute to email you.

Let us help you bring back the art of saying thank you!  Tell someone thanks with one of our brilliant bouquets of flowers in Washington, DC.

National Poll Reveals Whom America Wants to Thank

And Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift to Express Thanks

From neighbors and teachers to coworkers and even therapists, a nationwide poll reveals the unsung heroes in our lives and communities — beyond traditional family and friends — who Americans believe deserve their holiday thanks.

Ranking atop the list of those who deserve appreciation, cited by 53 percent of respondents, are neighbors, who throughout the year pick up our mail, keep an eye on our kids and ground our community roots.  Coming in close behind — not surprisingly — are teachers at 51 percent.

According to M.J. Ryan, author of books such as Random Acts of Kindness and Attitudes of Gratitude and her newest book, Adaptability, the exchange of gifts widens our network of friends and builds stronger interpersonal connections, which we inherently desire, particularly in times of stress and uncertainty.

“There are powerful implications of expressing gratitude and appreciation through gifting, no matter how simple and easy,” says Ryan.  “The influence of personal exchanges is even more meaningful today, as we rely on more virtual ways of connecting with one another every day.”

When it comes to expressing gratitude, Ryan believes flowers are one of the most meaningful gifts to share with important people in your life when simply saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.  “There is something special about giving a gift of beauty that shows truly how much you care,” says Ryan.  “Flowers are attractive, cheerful and are visibly displayed as a constant reminder of your appreciation.”

Here is America’s complete Top 10 List of Unsung Community Heroes who deserve our gratitude, including recommendations for gifting from the Society of American Florists:

  1. Neighbors (53%) — Treat a great neighbor to a bouquet of flowers that will make their foyer fragrant.  You’ll even get to watch their eyes light up as the delivery truck pulls up.
  2. Teacher or tutor (51%) — Ask your florist for a low clustered arrangement that a teacher can keep on their desk and still keep an eye on the class.  The flowers will elicit smiles for the entire classroom.
  3. Co-workers (50%) — Thank an office mate who has been supportive throughout the year with a bunch of multi-colored tulips or other flowers that will brighten up traditionally neutral office walls.
  4. Childcare provider (47%) — For the one who cares for your little ones, a great floral gift would be a sweet hand-tied bouquet.  Choose a monochromatic (all one color) look that is pleasing to the eye.
  5. House cleaner (41%) — Give your house cleaner an arrangement to make their own home look special.
  6. Boss (36%) — A mixed arrangement is appropriate for any boss.  Choose red, gold and purple-colored flowers which symbolize accomplishment,  wealth and good fortune.
  7. Postal worker (35%) — When your letter carrier arrives, hand him or her a small flower arrangement in a basket or small dish garden — what a special delivery.
  8. Clergy member (35%) — Serenity and relaxation are the essence of fllowers in shades of green and misty blues.  Choose these tranquil colors to reflect the calm nature of a spiritual counselor.
  9. Health care worker (32%) — Consider an arrangement in pastel shades and soft yellows, peaches and pinks for a health care worker, as these colors are to make us feel safe, snug and loved.
  10. Administrative assistant (31%) — Choose shades of red, which elicit motivation, courage and power. Ask your florist for an up-shooting spray that also includes rich orange and fuchsia, colors which exude positivity.

Just missing the Top 10 list were school bus drivers (28%), pet sitters (22%), crossing guards (21%), school counselors (20%), therapists (16%) and financial planners (10%).

Rutgers University research conducted by psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., reveals that those who send flowers, in comparison to other gifts, are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people.  According to the lead researcher, the findings show flowers have evolved to activate positive responses from people and that each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face.

Flower gift giving tips are available at www.aboutflowers.com/gift-giving.

From: Society of American Florists