Five Ways to Thank Someone TODAY


Pleased As Punch

Saying the words “thank you” is an excellent start. But words can feel inadequate sometimes. At time, only the words don’t seem enough to fully show our sentiments for the magnitude of what someone did for us. We want something solid and tangible to make up for the seemingly light words.


Flowers never fail. Sending a beautifully and professionally arranged bouquet of bright colored flowers will alway communicate your appreciation. Flowers have a very innocent way of expressing sentiments like no other. Trust us, we would know.


Around The World Gourmet

A basket of goodies. Delicious fresh fruits and delectable gourmet cheeses, chocolates, nuts and more displayed in a basket complete with a big bold bow will say “thank you” in the yummiest way. You can ¬†include a bottle of wine or ¬†of a bubbly too to class it up a bit (wink wink). This especially a great way to say thank you to a group of people, like to an office. Very shareable.

Take the person to lunch or dinner (choose the star of the restaurant in proportion to how grateful you are). This would be a gastronomically excellent way to say thank you to a person with finer taste of foo or a foodie.

Sent a potted plant. Live plants could be the most permanent way of saying thank you repeatedly. Weather it is a blooming plant or a green plant, the person will always remember your “thank you” every time s/he waters it or when the plant blooms or just looks at it. We recommend an orchid plant or a medley of lush green plants in a dish garden.


Dish Garden

Social network can assist in allowing you to say thank you publicly. you can show your friends and family and her/his friends and family just how great s/he is by detailing what s/he did and thanking her/him.


These are all great ways of showing a person that you are thankful now. and we can help you with 3 of the 5 ways. We’ve got the flowers, we have the basket full of yummy goodness, and we’ve got the plants. You want to say thank you today? We can make it happen for you TODAY.