Best TV Moms


Make Her Day

We’ve all sat in our comfortable sofas or sprawled on the floor and watched the funny, loving, smart (sometimes not very), crazy mothers of the TV world. Sometimes, we wished our mothers were like ones of the cool moms of our favorite shows and sometime we thank the good Lord that our mothers are nothing like the ones in the box and sometimes we laugh the hardest because we relate to kids on the show because our mothers do the same things.

Like in real life, TV moms come in all shapes, sizes and characters. We have the helicopter moms like Beverly Goldberg played by Wendi McLendon-Covey from “The Goldbergs”, and the mother who believes…err-knows her children could do no wrong and are just about the best “schmoopies” ever like Beverly Goldberg or the mom that will keep each and every item her child ever created like Beverly Goldberg…yes we do love the super loving, super smothering TV mom.


Celebrate Mom

Some moms are animated, some in character and some are actually, literally animated like our Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson. These two moms are the glue that hold their family together because, if it were left to their goofy husbands, their families would cause unimaginable destruction.

And then, there are the mothers that seem to have it all together like Claire Dunphy in Modern family played by Julie Bowen, but in reality really don’t. You see them lose their cool like many of our mothers do trying to bounce between being a mom, a friend and a sister to their child. And there is the ultimate cool mom Claire Huxtable whose children fear, respect and love. She’s the mom that has it all under control: the career, the parenting of five very different children, the being a wonderful wife, and a great friend (only on TV do these things happen so don’t feel bad).


Pure Elegance

And then we have our funny moms like Rosanne on Rosanne as Rosanne and Reba on Reba as Reba (yes, that was fun!). These two were very relatable TV moms that made us laugh and cry (sometimes both at the same time) and we got to love and enjoy for years.

Of course there are the Marie Barone of “Everyone Loves Raymond”, Betty Drapers of “Mad Men”, Endora from “Bewitched” and Peggy Bundy of “married with children” that make us understand that we are truly blessed to have our real life mother. And for Mother’s Day we know we have to thank our wonderful mothers for being the best mother they knew how to be. They loved us, cared for us, nurtured us, educated us, disciplined us, and watched us proudly as we grew up to become the men and women we are today. We cannot thank them enough for their selfless love and we know they deserve the world. We can’t help you give them the world but we can help you make their day super special with our customer designed flower arrangements created with moms in mind.