Planning the Perfect Romantic Evening

romantic dateValentine’s Day is almost here.  Do you have your romantic weekend planned?  If not, you need to get on it—things book up and sell out pretty quickly.  Some of the most in-demand, romantic restaurants may already be full.  If you want to have an amazing Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to have a plan so you don’t miss out on a restaurant, activity, or that special gift you’ve been meaning to buy but just haven’t yet.  Here are a few tips for planning that perfect romantic evening so nothing goes wrong.

Make your reservations as early as possible.  If you don’t, you may have to go with your third or fourth choices because things will be sold out.

Think through the entire evening.  If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, make sure what you’re doing after dinner doesn’t require different clothing.

When are you planning on giving her gifts or flowers?  It can be romantic to do it at dinner, but is she then going to have to carry things around with her for the rest of the evening?  That can be awkward.

Don’t forget to factor in extra driving time on Valentine’s Day.  There’s likely to be more traffic, and finding parking can be a problem.  Be ready to pay for parking in some areas.

If you plan on returning to your place at the close of the evening, make sure you’ve cleaned up.

Don’t forget flowers!  Let us help you with your romantic evening by creating the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet in Washington, DC.