Take Care of Yourself: With Flowers

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

Well, we couldn’t agree more.


So, you are asking yourself, what’s with all these self-love, Self-care, self-worth quotes? Well, we think that no one will love us like we love us, or care for us the way we would care for ourselves. We believe we need to be our biggest champions and cheerleaders. And we want you to feel the same way. Not to love us the we love us (although that would be nice) but for you to love yourself and care for yourself and know that you are the bees-knees and the cat’s meow.

No we haven’t changed business, we’re still a florist. Which, we believe, is an industry that promotes care and love for one another. So, in reality, it is not beyond the realm of our duty to offer guidance on how we should all love ourselves.


“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”– Oscar Wilde

Why, Mr Wilde, we agree with you too

When we love someone else we send flowers. When we want someone ill to feel better, we send flowers. When we want to share sentiments of compassion and sympathy we send flowers. When we want to apologize we send flowers. When we what to say “thank you” we send flowers. When we want to celebrate someone’s achievement or special day, we send flowers, and at times we send flowers just because (and if “we” are not sending flowers, we think it’s high time “we” start, and by “we” we mean you). But, what about us. Why aren’t we sending ourselves flowers? Who said we can’t or shouldn’t do it. Really, who did? We want to know and talk to this person.


“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”– Parker Palmer

MMMHM, Agreed


We are going to list all the various reasons why you should be sending yourself flowers. Or at the very least buying them for yourself to keep at home or in the office.


Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital report that people that are not “morning people” and that are the least positive in early hours of the day are reenergized, happier and “perk up” after looking at flowers first thing in the morning. Our conclusion: Make sure to keep a small vase of flowers in your bedroom and in your work area, whether your office or your cubicle. It will your upsidedown smile to right itself in the AMs.

Just like yawning, positive moods and feeling are contagious. If you see someone laughing or smiling you can’t help yourself but smile. So it is really public service to keep yourself in the cheerful mood. When you are happier, people around you are bound to pick up on your sunny disposition. So get yourself flowers to put you in a good mood so you can influence other to do the same.

Buy yourself flowers for your home or workplace. This will create a welcoming environment. Researchers at Rutgers University concluded that because flowers promote positive emotional feelings, keeping them in a shared space will create a peaceful, warm  and welcoming feeling in visitors. We recommend you keep flowers in the living room and or kitchen at home and in your company’s lobby, front desk and meeting rooms.

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Jenn Proske

Yes Jenn, yes!


Buy yourself flowers because your favorite flower is in season right now, or because that instagram picture of the brunch you made on Sunday would look on point with a small bouquet right next to the waffles. Or your selfie would look even better with daisies in your hair (much better than the SnapChat filter we promise), or because there is something calming about arranging your own flowers or for your DIY project of perfect little flower arrangements around your house. Or because it would be cool to stroll down the street on a Saturday morning to your neighborhood florist or farmers market and get some locally grown flowers. Flowers make you home smell and look good, will help you step up your instagram game. Plus you are a lot prettier when you smile, and we’ve already established that flowers make us happy and happy people smile more.

Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day 2012 in the DC Metro

Looking for some “outside the box” fun with Mom this year?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sailing Picnic & Afternoon Aboard the American Spirit Schooner
Saturday, May 12, 2012
12:30 pm – 3:30pm

Enjoy the perfect pleasant afternoon sailing on the Potomac with a tasty picnic, beautiful scenery and new friends! This Saturday afternoon,  climb aboard for a three hour adventure aboard the American Spirit as it sails along the Potomac. Private captain and crew.  Those interested can help hoist and man the sails, while others can feel free to leave their troubles behind on the dock while we take over.

They provide light picnic food (feel free to supplement). Alcohol is also permitted (BYOB) but you must be 21.  Space is very limited.

More >>

Tarzan Training 101: Zip Lining and Other Swinging Adventures from Tree Tops
Sunday May 13, 2012
11:45 am – 2:30pm
Rockville, MD

A highly interactive tree-top adventure!  After a 30-minute training session, participants will be equipped with harnesses, pulleys and carabiners and turned loose into the forest canopy 40 feet above the ground.  Spanning across 6 acres, the course features various obstacles including 5 zip  lines, Tarzan swings, rope ladders, bridges and trapezes.

The course takes 2-3 hours to complete and caters to all skill levels. (This event is ideal for anyone who is looking for a fun and exciting outdoor adventure.)

Includes a pizza picnic and soda.

Suggested Attire: Casual. All participants must wear closed toe shoes

More >>

Chocolate Making and Tasting Workshop 101 with Factory Tour
Sunday, May 13, 2012
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Chocolate Making 101 class: Spend 2-1/2 hours learning and practicing chocolate crystallization techniques. You’ll start
with an in-depth factory tour where you will experience the chocolate making process from cocoa bean to chocolate, create basic chocolate Ganache filling, and learn to create truffles by Head Chocolatier – Crisoire Reid


20 minutes: (Factory Tour)

Students will take a 20min. comprehensive tour of “The Truffle Factory” gaining an
understanding of the origin of Spagnvola cacao from “cultivation to confection”
our strategic farm-design in Hato Mayor Del Rey in the Dominican Republic and
why we believe it leads to our chocolate flavors being unmatched anywhere else.
In conclusion, a sneak peek of our beginning stages of our Signature
chocolate recipe with a palate pleasing tasting.

20 minutes: (Tempering Chocolate)

Upon completion of the factory tour, students will begin understanding the difference between crystallized chocolate and non-crystallized chocolates.

1-1/2 hour: (Making Chocolate Ganache)

As a group, students will then begin creating a chocolate Ganache from scratch, utilizing either Spagnvola Signature 62% Semi
–Sweet or 54% Milk chocolate. Shortly thereafter students will use the Ganache to make truffles.

20 minutes (Palate Extravaganza!!! Tasting)

You’ve earned it!

More >>

Mother’s Day at Mount Vernon

Join the “Mother of Our Country,” Martha Washington, and her granddaughter “Nelly” as they celebrate Mother’s weekend with visitors at George Washington’s Estate. Take the whole family and explore the beautiful mansion, the gardens and the grounds. The Mount Vernon Inn also serves a special buffet on Sunday (reservations are required).

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From Thngs to Do DC
About DC


Remember to think outside the box and send florist-delivered flowers for Mother’s Day!

Best Administrative Professional Contest (in the DC Metro)

Is your administrative assistant the best in the DC metro?  Then nominate him or her on our Facebook wall to win a free flower bouquet each month for six months. That’s 6 gorgeous flower bouquets.  Just tell us why your admin pro deserves to be recognized!



Some rules:

  1. Winner will be selected randomly from wall posts on our Facebook page.
  2. Winner must work within our local delivery area.  (Here’s a list.)
  3. Bouquet will be delivered to workplace.
  4. One bouquet can be ordered each calendar month, from May, 2012 – November,  2012.
  5. We will call you each month so you can select your flowers and delivery date.
  6. Bouquet price limit is $69.95.
  7. Winner will be announced on May 1, 2012.

Happy nominating, DC!

And, just in case your admin does not win, best to send flowers yourself, too.


UPDATE May 1, 2012

We have a winner!  Debbie Corbett from Booz Allen – Congratulations and thanks to Lynn for nominating her!

Anniversary Themes to Help Your Shining Armor Stay Polished

If your anniversary is coming up, you should start putting some thought into how you’re going to celebrate. Now it’s true that people generally celebrate milestone anniversaries in a large way and usually do something small and personal for other years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your 37th anniversary in style. It might not be your 25th or 50th, but every anniversary is an important date. It marks another year of love, romance, and companionship, and it needs to be observed. Here are some unique and different types of ways of celebrating your anniversary.

Focus on a theme. If you both love a certain sports team, use the team’s colors in your gift wrapping or decorations, and get tickets to see them play if possible. If your first date was seeing a movie, work the movie into your celebration. You don’t even have to go quite this far—your theme could simply be something like your favorite colors. Just by adding a theme to your celebration, you can make the day feel a little more special and less of “oh, it’s just another anniversary dinner.”

Recreate your first anniversary, or your first date, or even your honeymoon. If you went to a certain restaurant, go back there, or recreate the meal at home. Take a weekend trip to where you spent your honeymoon if it’s possible, or just reenact your first date. You could even take some of the best parts of several dates and create the perfect date.

Of course, if you want to be traditional, you can do a little research and see what material goes with which anniversary. We all know silver goes with 25 and gold with 50, but did you know your 22nd anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with something copper? Or the 13th with lace? If you make it all the way to your 75th, you’re supposed to celebrate with a diamond set in a gold setting.

There are many more anniversary themes you can go with, and it’s all up to you. After all, it is your anniversary! If you were married near Halloween, you could have a costume party. If you were married on St. Patrick’s Day, go green. Whatever you do, make it personal. Celebrate the anniversary of your wedding in such a way that it makes both of you happy and reminds you of all the little reasons you got married in the first place.

Don’t Forget Anniversary Flowers!

Celebrating Life’s Milestones

Life has many different milestones.  Some are very personal, while others are seen as a rite of passage that almost everyone goes through.  No matter which type of milestone you’ve recently accomplished, it’s very important to celebrate them.  This gives us a sense of achievement and helps propel us on to reaching that next milestone.

Some milestones we achieve without really knowing it or remembering them.  These include things like our first steps and first word.  Thankfully, our parents almost always record these early milestones so we can look back on them later.

Learning to drive at sixteen is a large milestone for many people.  This rite of passage is one of the biggest signs that a teen is becoming an adult.  Registering to vote and then turning 21 are the other two major milestones that show a person is now ready to carry the responsibilities of an adult.

Graduation is another of life’s milestones.  Some schools have a number of different graduations: kindergarten, middle school, and high school.  Then there’s college graduation, and some people go into higher education programs and graduate again.  Graduations, especially high school and college, mark the ending of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another.

The next milestone for many is to get married.  For some, women especially, their wedding is a huge event that they have been preparing for their entire life.  The dress, the cake, the decorations, the flowers…months are spent on ever little detail.  This achievement is shared with the entire family and many friends.  Of course, some people reach this milestone earlier in life than others, but that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is celebrating your commitment to someone you love.

Another major milestone for some people is having children.  The birth of a child, especially the first child, is a major life-changing event.  Your life will truly never be the same after having your first child.  While this milestone is celebrated at first with a baby shower, gifts, and flowers at the hospital, in a way you’ll celebrate it for the rest of your life.

Celebrating your anniversary, especially the first, tenth, twenty-fifth, and fiftieth, is a great milestone in your life.  Give your spouse a gift, go out to dinner, or spend the day doing something special for just the two of you.

There are many other personal milestones you might want to celebrate—getting a new job, getting a promotion, fulfilling one of your life-long goals—be sure to celebrate them in style.  Don’t let even the smallest milestone go by without at least acknowledging it in some way.

Celebrate your celebrations with flowers!

Anniversary Flowers
Birthday Flowers
New Baby Flowers
Wedding Flowers

Celebrate Your Anniversary in DC, MD & NO VA

Anniversary Date Ideas, Food, Fun & Flowers

Anniversary Date Ideas, Food, Fun & Flowers

When it’s time to celebrate the milestones in your relationship, living in the DC Metro areas means you have a plethora of venues and adventures to choose from!  We’d like to offer some “Best” lists to help you mix and match, from our sources at the Washington Post, Yelp & Insider Pages.

Best Romantic Restaurants

Falls Church, VA Chef Bertrand Chemel’s French American cuisine still makes this spot one of Virginia’s culinary gems. The captivating waterfall views are an added perk.

Bombay Club
Washington, DC A lavish makeover upgraded the Bombay Club’s elegant and understated dining room. The Indian cuisine is among the best in town.

Washington, DC The Mandarin Oriental’s modern dining room pairs fine wines with meticulously crafted contemporary American dishes. The perennial four-star restaurant carries a hefty price tag, making it especially well-suited for very special occasions.

Eventide Restaurant
Arlington, VA Not only is its name romantic, the dining room dazzles with soaring ceilings, lush blue curtains and plenty of room between tables. The well-priced American food’s not bad, either.

The Inn at Little Washington
Washington, VA It’s no secret that the inn is one of the most expensive dining experiences in the region. But its regal dining rooms are also among the most romantic destinations for food lovers.

Washington, DC Delicate presentations of contemporary American cuisine sparkle in this sconce-lighted dining room.

Washington, DC From the outside, Palena looks like any other neighborhood spot. On the warm and rich inside, chef/owner Frank Ruta’s mix of American and Continental flavors proves that it’s a cut above the rest.

Restaurant Eve’s Tasting Room
Alexandria, VA Fresh, local ingredients enliven every dish in chef Cathal Armstrong’s dining room. The five- and nine-course tasting menus are gastronomic adventures.

Best Limo Services

Fairfax Limo
G & M Limo

Best Florist

MyFlorist (Come on, we get to say that!)

Best Fun

For more fun ideas, check out The Department of Love & Relationships site, an interactive date planner for the DC Metro areas.

And take a look at Barbara P’s Yelp List of Dates That Don’t Involve Dinner or Drinking.

And Happy Anniversary!

Dress the Turkey. Dress the Table.

Golden Harvest | TFWEB219

Golden Harvest | TFWEB219

The Thanksgiving Table

While food, family, and football are possibly the three most celebrated traditions of an American Thanksgiving, we’d like to discuss the rich traditions of setting the tone of Thanksgiving with the dinner table itself.

Setting the Thanksgiving Table

If you are serving a more formal Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room, and have the opportunity to put out a full course of dishes, silver, and linen, we offer a reminder to those who normally enjoy a less formal dining experience!
Begin to set your table by placing a freshly ironed white tablecloth, a runner, or placemats. If you wish to use service or charger plates (extra large plates used mostly for decoration and catching spills) place those first around the table, equally spaced. On top of those place the dinner plates, and if you are having a soup course, place the soup dish on top of that.

The general rule for silverware is you put the ones you will use first on the outside of each setting, and you work your way in. To the right of each plate, first place the dinner knife with the blade facing the plate. On its right, place the teaspoon, and further to the right place the soupspoon. Optionally a dessert spoon may be placed horizontally above the plate, pointing to the left.

On the left, place the dessert fork nearest the plate (if there is to be one), then the dinner fork and finally, the salad fork to the left of that. The bottoms of each piece of silverware should line up with the bottom of the dinner plate.

The bread and butter plate is placed directly above the forks, with a butter spreader placed horizontally across the top of the plate, with the tip pointing to the left.

Above the plate and slightly to the right you place the water glass, with a red wine glass to the right of that and a white wine glass to the right of all.

Napkins traditionally are folded and placed to the left of the forks, but alternately you may wish to fold it and place it in the soup bowl or the water glass.

Once the table is set, you’ll need to add a centerpiece or two, depending on the length of the table.

Decorating the Thanksgiving Table

Accessorize a large table by placing a long, narrow centerpiece in the center. Add a few smaller accent pieces or candles on each side of the arrangement for an added effect.

Ask your florist to create a centerpiece in a treasured family vase or bowl, or in seasonal pieces such as a cornucopia or a utility vase surrounded by dry corncobs. You may want to garnish your serving trays with flowers and greens. Scatter colorful fall leaves, flowers and votive candles along the center of your dining table.

You may also want to ask your florist to design the arrangements for your buffet table on several different levels to keep the eye flowing all along the table.

Finally, you may want to place a garland or wreath of fruit, flowers and fall foliage over your front door. 

Check out the elegant Thanksgiving Floral Designs at MyFlorist! 

And we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!