Halloween In DC

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Spooky Sweet

Whether you are going out with your friends and family in a coordinated Halloween costume as one of the Ghost Busters (including slimer), or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo is the coolest!), or as the apple from the Fruit of The Loom quartet, or if you have chosen a costume only select few will understand like the Doppler Effect, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory chose, we know you are planing to have a ton of fun. Our city offers many opportunities to show off your master creation with many events and parties.


Witch’s Brew

The spooky tours at Lafayette Square Park, the 90 minutes evening walks to find the spirits of our forefathers haunting the street of our city (creeepyyy) and the tours around some of the haunted bars in the city, with enough time to enjoy a drink at each location (ahem ahem), are some our favorite tours. You can also spend your evening at the National Zoo decked out in your spookiest, wildest, funest, coolest and funnies costumes and enjoy some of the most entertaining performances by palm readers, fire eaters, illusionist and more. The National Zoo will also hold an event where you can take the young ones for trick-or-treating (there are of forty treat stations!), and visit some of the most Halloween appropriate animals at the zoo, like the bats, owls, spiders and other creepy crawlies (shiver).


Wicked Bouquet

This is the time of the year that our usually calm and sober city, with mostly conservatively dressed young professionals breaks out into their colorful, creative, and outlandish costume and we love it. Being in the business of using our creativity, we love watching what others come up with. It’s a ton of fun. It is also a lot of fun coming up with spooky flower arrangements. Remember that, when decorating your home for the haunted house party you are hosting this year, there are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate flowers in your spooky imagination. Pop into your local florist and check out what they are doing. And if you do not possess that creative bone you need to recreate what they are doing, just have them do it and take it home.

Be safe, have fun, and pace yourself with the candy. BOO!

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