This Fall’s Hottest Color


If you want to be in on the latest trends, you’ve got to keep up with the color of the season.  For Fall 2013, many fashion designers have decided that color is burgundy.  This color lets you add a rich tone to many different outfits since it works very well with gray, black, white, and navy.  A burgundy jacket, tie, shirt, or even a pair of burgundy pants can give your outfit that touch of color and boldness it needs to really pop.

Most people assume burgundy is simply one color, but many designers break it down into a spectrum of hues ranging from the dark merlot to a fairly pale pink.  Most people tend to think of burgundy as more on the darker side, though, and stick to colors like merlot and sherry.

You can use burgundy to do more than just add some color to your outfit, though.  Many people love to use the color as a part of their home décor.  You’ll find many different items done in burgundy, including sheets, throw pillows, rugs, picture frames, candles, and much more.  Even some furniture comes in burgundy.

Of course, there are also some flowers that could be considered burgundy.  If you love this trendy color, let us help you with your décor—order a bouquet of beautiful flowers in Washington, D.C., today.

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