Happiness and Flowers

Did you know that flowers can actually make you happy.  Seeing their bright colors, smelling their pleasing scents, and touching their soft blooms can actually change your mood.  In fact, people actually use flowers as a way of combatting stress.

You’ve probably heard many people say how happy they were to receive flowers or that they just love the sight of fresh flowers in their home.  But why?  Why is it that flowers seem to make people happy all the time?  As surprising as it may be, there truly is some scientific proof that flowers can make us happy!  A study by the State University of New Jersey shows that the saying “stop and smell the roses” actually has some real meaning behind it.

According to the study, flowers can trigger happy emotions.  For ten months, the team studied the emotional and behavioral responses of people who received flowers.  From their reactions, the researchers drew several conclusions.  First, flowers can have an immediate impact on our happiness.  When the people received flowers, they smiled and were genuinely happy to get the flowers.  But flowers do more than make us momentarily happy.  The study also showed that the participants tended to feel happy over a number of days, especially when they saw the flowers.

Participants also reported feeling less lonely even after the flowers had wilted and were gone.  This is because receiving the flowers helped them to make connections with other people.  Receiving flowers says that someone is thinking of you, and that can mean the world.

There you have it—scientific proof that flowers can change your mood.  Next time you know someone needs a little pick-me-up, send them a great arrangement of flowers in Washington, DC.  You’ll make them happy for days and forge a stronger relationship with them as well.

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