How to Have a Tropical Date Night at Home

This weekend, try to recreate a wonderful island vacation or enjoy a taste of the tropics at home!  It’s fun to create a romantic date night using your imagination and ingenuity to arouse the senses with beautiful sights, sounds, flavors and aromas. 


Set the patio or dining room with colorful beach chairs and beach towels.  Buy a couple of coconut “glasses”.   Throw in a tiki torch, a hammock, and straw hats!  Light candles and place sand around the bases.  Light the fireplace to create a warm ambiance.


Play soft, romantic music.  Choose your favorties among calypso, reggae or Hawaiian music.  If possible, add another layer of sound with an ocean waves soundscape CD.


Plan and prepare a simple, elegant meal, or pick up good quality take-out. Try to find out beforehand which foods your date particularly enjoys and serve them.  Slice a pineapple into wedges and add kiwis and strawberries.  Serve drinks with lime wedges.


Zen Artistry

Zen Artistry

Flowers are a staple of romance – feel free to use them liberally.  We have great tropical flowers – take a look at a couple of our favorites.

Exotic Flair
Exotic Flair
For an Evening Outdoors
  • Coordinate your plans with the weather or natural events such as a sunset or a full moon.  Be sure to check the weather forecast and have an alternate plan in mind, just in case.
  • Build a fire if your location allows, or bring along some candles or torches to provide light and warmth. Citronella candles might be advisable for warding off insects.

The List

In summary, remember these items:

  • Candles and/or Citronella Candles
  • Flowers
  • Pineapple and Strawberries (And maybe kiwi!)
  • Corona & Lime, Pina Coladas in Coconut Containers, Soda or Wine
  • Fine China and Flatware or Colorful, Tropical Paper and Plasticware
  • Tablecloth (or clean sheet)
  • Romantic Music
  • Tropical Decorations on Hand.   Sand, seashells, driftwood, pebbles…

Some tips taken from eHow.

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