Moments are Bite-Sized Experiences

Every day is full of experiences.  Each tiny little moment can become a bite-sized experience that later becomes a treasured memory.  But some people don’t see it quite that way.  How can a normal, boring day full of work, chores, and other mundane things become bite-sized experiences that we will remember later?  Well, it’s true that not every moment is one to be treasured, but sometimes, we overlook the small things.

We might not consider every moment of our work day to be a true experience.  A lot of times it’s more just something we have to get through, and we watch the clock move slowly towards quitting time.  But there can be experiences in our work day, too.  When a co-worker says hello, your boss thanks for you a job well done, or you finally find the solution to something that you’ve been working on for several days.  These small moments turn into experiences that we remember.  True, they may not be experiences that will stick with us forever, but they’re often enough to motivate us.

There are other moments that can become bite-sized experiences that you might remember for years later.   For example, trying a new restaurant for the first time.  The first moment you bite into your food may become (pardon the pun) a bite-sized experience that could lead to many more experiences later.  It may become the restaurant you go to on your anniversary or where you and your friends tend to visit regularly. 

Another great moment can be found when shopping.  Finding that perfect gift for someone or that item you’ve been looking for for weeks is a great experience, especially if that item is something you’ll use daily.  Finding a great bargain is another nice little moment—seeing that sale sticker might become an experience that leads you to returning to that store again and again. 

Receiving a gift from a friend, especially a surprise gift, is a great moment, too.  Think of that moment when you open a birthday card, unwrap a present, or learn that the florist is there delivering flowers to you, not the person in the office down the hall.  These moments are great bite-sized experiences.  Some of them are even moments you can experience again and again every time you use the gift or by re-reading the cards.  A great way to cheer yourself up is to save all the cards you get in a box and then look at them when you need a boost.  Reliving all those small experiences is a great way of remembering how many people care about you.

During any day, any little moment might turn into a bite-sized experience if you let it.  Solving a difficult problem at work, being smiled at, having a good meal…you never know when a little moment will become one you treasure for years.

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