Moments of Calm in a Stressed Out World

MyFlorist - Moments of CalmAre you stressed?  In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like we all are!  But there are moments of calm in amidst all of this craziness, if you know where to look for them.  Here are some of these moments that you should take advantage of whenever you can.

•    Enjoy your shower!  Let the hot water wash away your stress.  Some people continue to think about work or plan their day during their morning shower, but there’s time for that later.  For these twenty or so minutes, just let the hot water massage your back.  Try to clear your mind and relax.  You might even belt out your favorite song if you like!

•    Take your lunch outside and sit in the sun to eat.  Too many people eat lunch at their office while working these days.  Yes, it can be important to get that little bit of extra work done, but only when there’s a major deadline or big project coming up.  You don’t need to eat at your desk every day.  Get out of the office!  Those 30 minutes or so away from your desk not only help you relax but they also increase your job performance—studies have shown that employees who take a break at lunch return in the afternoon rested and ready with some fresh ideas.

•    Stop and smell the flowers.  Yes, it’s cliché.  No, you don’t have to literally stop and smell any flowers.  But do follow the spirit of this oft-quoted line and take a little time out from the world every now and then.  For just five minutes, forget about your to-do list and everything that’s stressing you out.  You’ll be surprised at just how much it helps.

•    In those few minutes between getting into bed and falling asleep, take time to think about positive things.  Remember one moment during the day that was fun, fulfilling, or relaxing.  Go to sleep with that in mind, not with the next day’s schedule or thoughts about work.  You’ll sleep better!

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