Planning a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables & Centerpieces

Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate family and be thankful for our blessings. It can be enjoyable to create an atmosphere that your family will appreciate when they come to Thanksgiving dinner. Using a few simple ideas from this list, you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving table and dining room without a lot of time or effort.

A centerpiece draws the eye to the table and can set the whole tone for the room. There are many options for creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Use the colors and textures of the season, and bring them into the room. Try carving out a small (or a couple) pumpkins or gourds and use them as vases. Fill them with flowers (such as mums, sunflowers) add a few sprigs of fall leaves or a couple pinecones or berries and you will have a beautiful centerpiece. Or, just use a small pretty dish filled with a few pinecones, acorns, leaves, and berries for an even simpler look.  If you are rushed for time, consider ordering a fresh flower centerpiece from your florist.

Tablecloths and Runners.
When choosing a tablecloth or runner for the table, use autumn colors. You can set the look of your table with this, depending on the type of material you choose. If you want a more formal look, pick a more tailored material. If you are looking for a country style, maybe you would choose a plaid material or skip the runner altogether. Browns, oranges, golden wheat, and reds are perfect for creating a Thanksgiving look on your table.

Placemats & Napkins.
Find matching napkins and placemats that fit the theme or your runner if you are using them on the table. Don’t forget to tie the napkins with something that is reminiscent of fall. Use a bit of raffia with an acorn or pinecone attached to it for a perfect look.

Name Tags.
If you choose to use nametags for your table, you can easily create them out of heavy card stock. Either type or print the person’s name on the card, and then add a bit of Thanksgiving embellishment. You could add a tiny leaf in the corner, or a turkey, or whatever design ‘fits’ with the theme of your Thanksgiving table.

Dishes and Serving Pieces.
There are beautiful sets of plates and dishes available in many shapes and sizes, and if you can find some that are in the colors of autumn, that would add a very nice touch to the table. Check out your local department stores and discount stores to see if there are pieces you could use, or maybe a whole set. It is worth taking a look at.

Window Treatments.
You can add a bit more Thanksgiving into the room by adding color to your window treatments. Since most of us can’t afford to change our treatments with the seasons, add a string of beads either horizontally or vertically against your window, depending on the type of treatment you have. Or add Thanksgiving Garland across the top of the window for a different Thanksgiving look.

Candles on the table and around the room add warmth and coziness during Thanksgiving. You can either mix them in with the centerpiece or you can set them on the buffet. When you choose candles, make sure you pick colors that reflect autumn, but try to burn scent free candles. You don’t want the scent of the candle to mix with the food on Thanksgiving. The dinner should give the house a wonderful smell by itself.

If you have pictures or artwork on your wall in the dining room, consider changing one or two of the pieces with a couple fall wreaths. Wreaths add beauty and depth to a room and are relatively inexpensive. Check out your local discount stores and add a few embellishments to the wreath if necessary.

If you have a chandelier in the room, try draping garland around it, or hanging pinecones tied from fishing string from the bottom of it. Experiment with different looks to get just the right finishing touch for your Thanksgiving table.

By using some of these tips you will create an unforgettably beautiful Thanksgiving table and dinner for your family!

Kathryn Mitschelen
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