Top Ten Romantic Date Ideas for Summer

Need some romantic ideas for this summer?  While a bottle of wine and a nice bouquet of flowers might set the mood, most women want a bit more for a romantic date.  Here are ten great romantic plans for this summer.


For the traditionalist, never underestimate the power of a romantic dinner.  Even though it’s a date in instead of a date out, cooking (or having delivered) a great dinner, setting the mood with candles and music, and then watching a romantic movie can make for an amazing evening.


Another traditional type of date is to go on a picnic.  There are many different parks in the area that make for great date settings.  Just pack a nice picnic lunch, grab a blanket, and head off for a nice day outdoors.  Just check the weather report first—you don’t want to get rained out!


If you don’t like heading outdoors, dealing with bugs, or facing bad weather, you can always have a romantic picnic indoors.  Clear away your living room furniture or push your bed out of the way and spread your blanket out right there.  Pour some wine, set out the sandwiches, and enjoy your own private picnic in the comfort of your own home.


Going out and watching the sun set is also a very romantic way of spending the evening.  You can watch it from your own backyard, from a park, or from just about anywhere.  If you drive out of the city, you can even enjoy watching the stars come out after the sun sets. 


Go out on a boat.  If you live near a lake or the ocean, you can most likely find a company that will allow you to rent a sailboat or other type of craft.  Some places even offer dinner cruises on larger ships.  This can be a very different kind of date that adds some excitement to the romance.


Going horseback riding can also be a very romantic date that is different and exciting.  However, if your significant other doesn’t like going outdoors or animals, this might not be the best type of date!


Another idea for high school or college sweethearts is to head back to your alma mater for a sporting event.  Take in a game, maybe spend some time wandering around campus, and relive old memories.  It can be nostalgic and romantic to remember how your relationship was back then.


Take a hot air balloon ride.  If you’ve never seen the world from the sky, imagine how much fun it can be to do so with your sweetheart.  The two of you can soar above the land while cuddling together.


If the two of you enjoy dancing, head out to a club.  While it may not be the most romantic type of date, it can be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy slow dancing.


Finally, relive your first date.  Go to the same restaurant, do a similar activity, and recreate all of the same emotions you felt back then.  Afterwards, you may even want to cuddle in bed and talk about how your relationship has grown and changed since then.

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