Sending Flowers is Still a Classic Way to Show Good Manners

myflorist-imageThere are a lot of different ways of showing good manners.  You can say please and thank you, hold the door for others, and use proper etiquette at the table.  One other way of showing good manners is to send flowers.  It’s a classic way of showing you have good manners.

One of the traditional ways of telling someone congratulations is by sending flowers.  People have sent large bouquets of flowers to say “good job” or “contragulations on a job well done” for getting a promotion, completing a large project, or landing a new client.  Congratulating someone for something like this is considered good manners, and one of the best ways of doing so is sending flowers.

It’s also good manners to acknowledge someone’s loss.  Again, sending sympathy flowers is a good way of doing so.  There are many different types of sympathy flowers you can send, including casket sprays, wreaths, and potted plants.

It’s also a sign of good manners to acknowledge someone’s birthday or anniversary.  Often people will send flowers as a gift, especially for a girl’s birthday.

If you know someone who is going through an illness or major health concern, you may want to send them flowers.  This is more than just a show of good manners—knowing that there are people out there who care about them can help someone recover or at least make their illness not seem quite so bad.

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One thought on “Sending Flowers is Still a Classic Way to Show Good Manners

  1. I must have the worst home ever 😉 I have no plants or flrewos in my home. Well, fresh flrewos are quite expensive here in Finland and I have no windowsill in my apartment… And on the tables they are way too far from the daylight… And I don’t like keeping plants or flrewos on the floor. So many excuses and all true 😉

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