A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Saying thanks or showing someone how much you appreciate them can truly make someone feel good.  But your shows of appreciation don’t have to be huge or over the top.  A little appreciation, in fact, can go a very long way. 

One little way of showing appreciation is to smile and say good morning to your co-workers.  This can turn someone’s horribly bad day around, especially if they’ve just had a few minor annoyances.  They may even carry your good mood with them throughout out the day, passing along the smile and the cheery hello.

Taking someone out to lunch or just buying them coffee is another small token of appreciation that can go a long way, especially if, again, it occurs on a bad day.  What’s great about these types of appreciation is that you get to enjoy them, too.  You get to visit with your friend or co-worker, and that really helps cement the bond between you.  This is a great way of getting to know new co-workers if you’re new to a job, too.  You might see the effects of this little show of appreciation for years to come.

Naturally, flowers are a good way of showing a little appreciation, too.  Small bouquets can mean just as much as huge arrangements, so don’t worry about size.  Sending someone flowers might seem like a small token, but it goes way beyond just the arrangement itself.  There’s the surprise of getting the flowers, the sentiment expressed in the card, and the fact that the flowers will stay fresh for a week or so, really stretching your show of appreciation a long way.

All of these small acts of appreciation and others can have lasting effects.  As mentioned above, doing something kind for someone can improve your relationship with them.  Little acts of appreciation can be used to mend fences if you’ve offended someone or to help create a new relationship.  You may find your show of appreciation reciprocated down the line, too.  Everyone likes to be appreciated and to know that others really do notice what they’ve done.  Your little show of appreciation can have lasting effects.

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