Be a Hero & Save The Day When Life is Tough


Giggles & Smiles

We all have bad days. It could be because you rolled out of bed and stepped in a pool of your puppy’s “accident”, or the flat tire on your way to work, or your train that is always late decides to be 5 minutes early and you just make it on the platform just as the doors close, and that was the day your coffee machines decides to take a vacation. Or your mother called you just to tell you that her friend’s daughter that got married a year ago is having a child while you refuse to give her grandchildren, because clearly that is something you are deliberately doing to upset her. There are many things that can come up in our day that can ruin it worse than rain on suede. We have three choices: we can choose to let it affect us and let it bring us down, or brush it off, or do something about it and fix it.


How Sweet It Is

We choose the third option. Letting bad episodes have a say in our peace of mind should never be an option. We can brush it off, but what will that fix? Doing something about it will change our circumstances and we could be our own heroes that sweep in to save the day.

Sometimes we find that those in our life are having a particularly gray day. We could be the superheroes that save the day. This doesn’t mean we need to don our cape and mask, use fancy gadget and fly in thru the window and offer our villain destroying services (although that would totally be super cool). It could be small subtle things that make our loved one’s heavy load a little lighter. Like listening to them, empathizing or sympathising, holding their hand to comfort them, a hug, a smile, a simple note saying you’re there for them, a smiley face text message, or a vase full of bright-colored flowers to bring the sunshine to their gray day.


One Fine Day

Admittedly we can’t help you with the hugs, the hand holdings and the listening to their problem part. But we will be more than happy to deliver the flowers with a message from you attached and deliver it with a smile on our faces. See, we too are heroes that save the day for you. You’re welcome :).  There is a joy that comes from helping others and knowing you’ve made something to make someone happy. In the words of Romain Rolland “A hero is a man who does what he can.” So we all are/can be one so long as we don’t hold back on what we know what we can do, especially for those that really need our help.


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