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Whether we’re planning a small or large even, we start with a theme and we choose everything from plate settings to centerpieces to complement our chosen theme.

Like many other decorative items, flowers come in many colors, sizes and shapes to match our chosen theme. And if you choose the right florist and/or designer, the flowers can be designed in many different ways.

When choosing your flowers for an event, you have to consider the kind of flowers that will be in the season at the time the event takes place. If you are planning now for a party in November and you fell in love with an arrangement of peonies you received last week, you can’t plan your fall centerpieces around those beautiful fragrant flowers. You might want to consider cabbage or garden roses; they look similar and are available year-round. You should also look at what colors look spectacular during a particular season. You want the bright bold colors like hot pink, bright orange, and likely purples in the summer, the pastels for the spring, the earthy and jewel tones for the fall, and the primary colors for the winter.

You’ll also have to decide if the event you are planning is a sit down reception and if the tables are round or rectangular, or if you are having a cocktail party. You’ll have to decide if you will have a buffet table, a head table, a stage, and a guest sign in table. All these factors will dictate how many pieces of flower arrangements you will need and how they should be arranged and designed.

If you are having a party at home rather than at a venue, here are a few things to consider: you will have to examine the layout of your house and decide which rooms the guests will be in and decide if it is a casual party or a formal one. To decide how many flower pieces you will need you have to ask yourself: Do I have a fire-place? Will my guest be standing and circulating or will the party be more intimate and they will be seated? What is the entrance like? Once you’ve answered these questions you will know if you need flowers for your fire-place, dining room table, coffee table, side table, kitchen table or counter, bar counter, foyer, and powder room/bathroom.

There are many details to think about when choosing your flowers but one thing remains constant: your planning will not be complete if you do not have flowers. One advise we can give you is, if your are not an experienced designer, don’t tackle the designing yourself. Event flowers are much more than just buying your loose flowers from the farmer’s market and sticking them in a vase. A lot of thought goes into it and the flowers have to be professionally processed and prepped. You don’t want to ruin your party/event with sloppy flower designs. Remember, you only have one chance to do it right.

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