Fantasy Football VS Fashion Week: How To Survive The Two Worlds


Last week you buried your faces into your cell-phone, tablets, laptops and desktops obsessing over who to draft, who’s to start, who to bench, and kept checking on updates every 3.5 minutes to see how you are faring against your FF opponents. It is the regular season football after all and your significant other surely understands the importance. Then you discover she has found solace in shopping for…well, a whole new wardrobe only to find that fashion week starts this week in DC and she must find a cute outfit to wear to the shows that will tell her what is in style this coming season. Now you have a household split in the sports and fashion world. How do you co-exist and make sure that at the end of the season you won’t end up living out of her shoe box both because you have thoroughly neglected her and because she has decided to buy just about every piece on the runway?


Gentlemen err…or shall we say team managers, you will need to romance her right off her Italian leather boots. Make sure that on those days your players are not playing, you shower her with as much attention you usually reserve for when you are studying a running back’s stats. this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money to prove to her that she is #1 in you heart, you can keep it simple like a foot rub (she’ll need one after having squeezed her feet in those boots trying to break them in), or run her a bubble bath (this way you have some time to yourself to bathe your eyes with television glare), send her some “I’m always thinking of you” flowers and chocolates at work (major brownie points for this one), and show some interest in her current obsession, which will most likely be D.C. fashion week. She will love to know what kinds of cloth you like seeing her in.

And ladies, although it is in fact a fact that retail therapy is a cure-all kind of therapy and that you simply must own that blouse in every color, and buy shoes to match (obviously), remember that your honey is in pain watching his player, who was projected to have 21 points is now stuck at 3 and the game is 2 minutes away from ending. He wants to win, no, he needs to win, much like he needed to win your heart. We know that you need to know what the hot colors and trends of the season are, we won’t allow you to spend the rest of the year looking like a goof. However, try showing some interest in his sports obsession, ask questions, try to understand how this whole game works or even join a fantasy football league of your own and ask him to help you draft your team or chose the player that looks the cutest and has the best looking jersey. Who knows, you might end up doing better than he does. Give him a shoulder massage to melt those knots he’s named Victor Cruz. Get him a tasty snack to nibble on while he pulls his hair out.

All we’re saying is that you won’t need to have a home divided. You can mesh your two worlds together and come out with cute strappy heels  and a belt to match and a happy team manager who’s honey didn’t nag him into a coma.


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