Fun & Flirty Date Ideas In D.C.


Victorian Romance

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. We do the same things over and over till they lose their special something they make us feel. They become so much of a norm and a routine that they become boring. Same goes for dating…dinner, movies, coffee, yawn. With the rebirth that comes with spring, let’s revamp your date ideas. Think of things both you and your honey would love to do, things you would like to try, things you might enjoy, things that are new for both of you.

These are a few of the things you might want to try:

Take cooking classes. Whether at your local restaurant that offers lessons or you have someone come to your home to teach you, it is fun and you can make fun of each other’s cooking skills and lack there of (but in a good way). And there is nothing as romantic and hilarious as seeing your babe spastically moving around the kitchen trying not to burn the boiling water.


Isn’t it Romantic

Go wine tasting. And in Virginia, there are plenty places to go to. Its fresh, romantic, you can pretend you are in the South of France while flirting and chasing each other in the vineyards while talking in fake french accents. Make an ordinary day at a hoity toity vineyard a fun day!

Take dance lessons. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, can only turn left and you make a duck face when you dance. Just enjoy the newness of it all. No need to have an anxiety attack because  it’s “step step back and step step front” and not “step back and step step OUCH!” You have your date in your arms, just focus on that. And by the end of your tango you might be passo doble-ing out with each other’s heart.

If you are daring enough to do something that will have your adrenaline pumping and your hearts double up faster than when you look into each other’s eyes, go skydiving or bungee jumping or parasailing. Yes, it is scary. Yes, you will think you are about to die (but you won’t). Yes, you will remember that date and each other, because of it, for the rest of your lives.

Go kayaking or canoeing on the Potomac. Just FYI, don’t make sharp sudden turn with your body while in the kayak or you will find yourself and your date IN the Potomac rather than ON it. Not good…or is it? The days are getting warmer so this will be a perfect date outing.


Secret Crush

Go fly a kite, no really, go actually fly an actual kite (I know we are in DC, so no double entendre indended). It’s perfectly windy this time of the year and you have the entire span of the National Mall to run around in. Bring out the kid in you and in each other. While in that whole “inner child mode” go to an arcade. Flirt, tease each other, compete, and enjoy each other’s company.

Go to DC Improv. Couple who laugh together stay together right? Right! Enough said.

The point is, have fun. Make going on a date more than just an obligation or somthing you must do because you are together. Dating is suppose to be fun and happy and flirty and something you both enjoy while you discover or rediscover each other. We would know, we have been facilitating the whole asking on date, preparing for a date, thanking for a date thing for a long long long time…you should see some of the fun flirty card messages our customers send with their flowers. So you got someone you want to ask on a date and you are not a words person? We got you back, we can help you become a flowers person. Choose any of these.




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