Keep Cool & Have Fun

Summer Salsa

After the looooong and cooooold winter we’ve had this past winter, we will not (or dare not) complain about the hot summer sun. Other than slathering on some heavy duty SPFs, and arming ourselves with hats and old timey parasols, there are other fun things we can do to keep ourselves cool. Some of these ideas will bring back some childhood memories.

Long, hot and dry summer days mean dry lawns and gardens. You can turn the the simple task of watering your garden into a fun activity for you and your family and/or friends. You have sprinklers? Turn them on and run around in your yard playing tag. Or unroll your hose and have fun chasing your friends with it. You’ll water your lawn and you will have fun doing it.

Water balloons and water guns fights are also an awesome  and cost effective way to have some backyard fun. Remember that all that fun you’re having with water may wash off  the aforementioned SPF, so make sure to reapply or use the waterproof kind. We don’t want to you to wilt like a cut hydrangea that has been sitting in the sun for too long.

Whether you are simply laying out on lounge chair soaking up some Vitamin D or engaged in an outdoor activity, make sure to hydrate yourself. Like flowers, we need plenty of water to stay fresh, healthy and alive. And the cooler the environment we are in is, the longer we last (OK, maybe not) but we know at least flowers do.

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