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When we think about flowers we think about wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, romantic occasions, bereavement and brightening the day of the ill or making someones day better. But there are many occasions and reasons that call for some beautiful flower arrangements. Some of the environments that call for flowers are corporate environments.



Here are a few ways the corporate world can use flowers for various occasions:

  • You have a new hire? Send him/her a flower arrangement to his/her home or put one on his/her new work space with a note saying “welcome” and you are looking to working together.
  • You have a great meeting with a potential client whose business you are trying to get? Sent her/him a “thank you for meeting with me” arrangement and make sure to address it to the person AND the company.
  • Are you holding a meeting at your business? Make sure to get a centerpiece for our conference table. There is something positive, relaxing and happy that flowers offer. A long meeting day can be exhausting physically and mentally. Having a beautiful arrangement will give you and your guests an opportunity to “stop and smell the roses”.
  • Make your office welcoming to your clients, customers and employees by making sure that you have an elaborate flower arrangement in your reception area. it will add a lot of class and elegance to the space like nothing else can AND if you choose the right florist, you will not be disappointed with the perfect fit.


    A Little Pink Me Up

  • If an employee loses a loved one, has a baby, or is ill make sure you show your support by sending them beautiful flowers. this will show that you care about your employees which helps them know they are appreciated, that you are a family away from family and in the end promote employee retention and loyalty.

If you choose the right florist to work with for your corporate needs you will find that they will not only deliver flowers to your employees, their family, your clients and customers nor will they not only provide weekly flower delivery to your business to make your space look spectacular and welcoming but they will offer none floral goods like wonderful fruit and gourmet baskets with fresh fruits and delicious cheeses chocolates nuts etc (add  wines and champagne to it to make it super special too) and lush green plants. Keyword: The RIGHT Florist.


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