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Rose Rapture

You work hard to make a living for yourself. To be able to pay your rent or mortgage, to be able to feed yourself and your family, to make sure your bills are paid, and have all of life’s necessities fulfilled. And that is great. It means you are a responsible adult. But while you are being responsible and doing all the things you are suppose to do, you may be neglecting doing the things you want to do. those things that you may now think frivolous because there are other more important priorities in your life that you are focusing on. But guess what, once in a while you NEED to treat yourself. Reward yourself for being so good and do those things that bring you joy and freedom and help you unwind.



Now we are not saying that you’ll need to empty your savings account and cash out your 401K to do it. but we urge you to find those small things that make you feel good. It could be going to a spa and getting a good massage, a facial and getting pampered, or buying a new outfit that is worth 10% more than your usual budget for cloth, or a luxurious many and pedy beyond the regular soak feet in some water and slather pain on your nails, or buying those gold club sets you’ve always wanted, or buy yourself some lush flowers to put on you coffee table just because you love hydrangeas, roses and callalilies. It’s the small things that will make your feel that you are not simply working hard during the week and sometimes weekends and sometimes evening, and sometimes through lunch to make ends meet or to plan for a better future when you retire.


Tropical Sail

But life is going on right now. Don’t you think you should accumulate enough luxurious memories now that you can look back to in your twilight days? Don’t you think you deserve to be spoiled now? We do. No one needs flowers, no one will be hurt or suffer because they didn’t buy them or have them in  their homes. That’s what makes our business one of giving and providing luxury. When you buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers for no other reason than to brighten your day and your environment and have something fresh and pleasant to smell you are simply pampering yourself. You are allowing yourself to enjoy something that is short lived but will give you immense pleasure. You are saying to yourself “self, today i love you so much that I think you deserve these glorious lilies. Enjoy!”. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Why wouldn’t you want to love yourself and give yourself what you know you love? There is no reason why you shouldn’t. So, do it!

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