Other Uses for Cube Vases

Cube vases are an interesting, different twist on a container for your flowers, but what do you do with them once the flowers have wilted?  The uses for classic vases are pretty limited—most have such narrow necks that they can only be used for flowers.  However, cube vases have many other uses since they have a larger opening.  Here are some things you can use your cube vase for other than flowers:

Decoration: fill the vase with colored stones, marbles, or seashells, tie a ribbon around it, and place it on a shelf.

Bookends: heavy cube vases can be used to hold up books, especially if you fill them with marbles or colored stones.  You can also use a cube vase to hold your bookmarks.

Fruit dishes: wide, tall cube vases can be used to hold small fruit like limes, tangerines, small apples, and the like. 

Candy: any size cube vase can double as a great candy jar.  Fill it with Hershey’s Kisses, peppermints, or any type of candy.

Change jar: likewise, you can drop loose change into a cube vase and, once filled, use coin rollers to roll it and take it to the bank!

Desk organizer: cube vases work great as pencil/pen holders and the like.  They can also be used to organize your art supplies.

Floating candle dish: one trendy idea is to use a cube vase as a floating candle dish.  You can even place submerged flowers in the vase first, then top it off with a floating votive to make a very interesting centerpiece.

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  1. Hi there. Quick question about 3 by 3 glass cube vase. Can a 3 inch floating candle fit in one? Thank you for a quick reply! Karin

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