Romance In The Fall


Fall Brights

Weather is changing, colors are changing, and our wardrobe choice is changing. We are holding on to our loved ones a little tighter both because we heart them and because we could use the heat. Some autumn days can be so cold that we need to snuggle up to keep warm. And for that reason we shall call autumn the snuggle season.

There are many opportunities that the fall offers to indulge on some snuggle time while enjoying our wonderful city. D.C. offers so many places you can enjoys while admiring the breath taking changing colors of the leaves. There are numerous parks you can take a lovely stroll in and take in the scenery. Roosevelt Island, The National Arboretum, Rock Creek Park, and The National Mall are some of the parks we like where you can enjoy nature and people watch and walk the trails hand in hand.


Bejeweled Beauty

Many restaurants and cafes still have outdoor sitting available, and our city is blessed with establishments with out-door sitting, take advantage and park your cabooses at the tables and enjoy a hot beverage and share a tasty meal together. The cooler air will, again, give you a reason and an opportunity to sit close to each other.

Some fall days are nippier than other. On those days you can plan your romantic dates indoors. You can snag a couple of tickets to the Kennedy Center to one of the fantastic performances they have lined up this season. Evita anyone? A dinner and a movie date would also be perfect in the cooler evenings. A hot meal in the tummy and a rom-com on the silver screen is a cure to any rainy, windy, chilly day.

All we are saying is that, if you were looking for an excuse to cozy up to your honey without being too obvious, then the cool autumn air is providing you with one. Grab it with both hands (ha! pun!). While at it, grab yourself some out of this world arrangement of the all the colors of a pot of jewels (see two blogs down) and set up an even romantic-er mood by presenting them to her.



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