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Madly In Love

When planning a romantic evening to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day, the item on top of your list may be a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant. And guess what, it is most likely to be on top of the list of many many many people’s plans. If you haven’t booked your reservation by now, know that most top restaurants are pretty much booked for that evening. Unless you have connections with the restaurant’s maitre d’, you are either eating your dinner at 10pm or later or you are going to have to get creative with a Jambo slice.

One, however, must never give up. There is still some hope that there would be some cancellations or karma from something great you did in the past is coming back to reward you with a table for two at a fine dining establishment.

Here are our favorite restaurants you can look into:


Exquisite Beauty

If you’re looking to recreating the “Lady and the Tramp” spaghetti kissing scene with a plate of italian yummyness go to Ristorante Piccolo, Filomena Ristorante and Ristorante La Perla. Food is great and the atmosphere and decor screams romance. Desert is a must. Sweets for your sweetie.

If vous parlez francais and want to show off to your date, go to Bistro Cacao and order everything in french, also, let us know how many wine bottle you counted…you’ll see what we mean when your get there. Another choice is La Chaumiere. This restaurant is so charming, so rustic, so cosy, and so french you feel the warm and fuzzies. It also has a fireplace, just sayin’.


True Love

If you are a pro with the chopstick and have a penchant for Kobe meat, sashimi and sake head on over to OYA. The ambiance, the slick decor, the delicious food are all recipe for romance. And if you just want to treat your honey to a celebrity designed menu (Wolfgung Puck anyone?), hop, skip and trot on over to the Newseum. Yes, the Newseum, home of the The Source (restaurant).

If the good ol’ fashion, safe and trusted deliciousness is the key to your hearts, mosey on over to the 1789 Restaurant. With a menu far from ordinary, it’s sure not to disappoint. As the environment is key, The Prime Rib, will not fail you with its sitting fit for royalty and a menu fit to satisfy the carnivore in you. Just, drooool.


Garden Romance

Now, these restaurants are prepared for all the love struck couples that will come to celebrate their merging heartbeats. But it is up to you to make this evening more personal and memorable. Plan ahead. How does a florist play into all this, you ask? Simple. Have flowers delivered to the restaurant. Here is a scenario: your hostess leads you to your table that is beautifully set with all kinds of glasses, utensils, plates and what-nots and right in the middle is an arrangement of flowers. Your honey probably thinks it’s part of the decor until she looks around and realises that your table is the only one with beautiful flowers, then she sees the card in the bouquet with her name on it. Imagine the look on her face. How does it make you feel? See. Let us help you.

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