Spring Clean Your Desk

Blossoms In Vogue

We’ve entered spring now, and with spring comes spring cleaning. That doesn’t apply only to our homes, although it is always a good start, it also applies to our work place. A lot offices have cleaning crew that come in and clean…but the cleaning is usually limited to emptying your trash cans and vacuuming the carpet and some light dusting. The cleaning person doesn’t know the Armageddon that is going on in your desk drawers. Or the family of dust bunnies you are raising behind your family picture. And do you really need the 2 million post it notes from 5 years ago on your board? Do you have pens, pencils, markers, highlighters all over the place?  Benjamin Franklin said “A place for everything, everything in its place”. And if we look around our desk we can see that the wonderful office furniture builders and office supply erm…suppliers have created, built and provided a place for everything that we could possibly use in the office or on our desks. We should use them. They’re there.

Ray Of Sun

On our quest to help you de-clutter your desk (and ours, because, who are we kidding, we all need help) we found a few expert guidelines on how to accomplish this simple (but feels like moving mountains, because we have mountains of papers everywhere) task.

  • Keep the items on your desk at a minimum. If it s not something you use on daily basis, remove it.
  • Use the available space to you advantage. The wonderful people who made our desk gave use desk drawers too. Let’s take advantage.
  • Don’t keep too many unfinished projects on your desk. Work on one at a time, and when done, move the finished work to its rightful place.
  • Paper everywhere? We understand, trust us. best way to minimize paper clutter is to keep an electronic file rather than paper file. Don’t print something unless absolutely necessary, and if possible scan a file and store in your computer and file it there. This a space saver and very convenient. And very green.
  • At the end of the day take some time to clear your desk before you leave. This way you can maintain a clean desk and start the next day with a clear desk. Read more here.
One Fine Day

Sometimes, usually during administrative professional time, we get requests from our customers to send flowers to their admin in a container that they can then use for their office. The most popular ones are the arrangements we make in the cube containers. We’ve noticed that most people use these vases to store their pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, scissors, rulers, paper clips etc in them. We are glad we can help keep their desk organized.


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