Springtime Fun Around Washington D.C.


HW0_581741There is something very special that happens in our area once Spring springs. Many events spring along with it and we can’t wait to partake and enjoy the lovely weather and our lovely DMV area. Most of the event are planned outdoors, so it’s perfect to shade all the winter gloom we’ve been under for the past few months and soak up the sun while enjoying the newly springing blooms outside.

Here are some of our favorite event that we hope you will get to enjoy to, we know we plan to:

  • Most of the event in the spring, or rather the month of april, revolve around the Cherry Blossom festivities on the National MAll. SO wear your comfy shoes and take part in one (or several or all) the happy event taking place. One of which is the Blossom Kite festival, taking place on april 2nd at the national mall where kite enthusiasts go to fly a kite. you can join of sit back on the grass and watch the happy little (or huge) kits fly in the wind. Then there is the International Pillow Fight day even taking place on April 2nd at the national Mall too. How fun is that?! you can use the pillow to sit on afterwards to enjoy the lovely weather. Win win we think.HW0_646216
  • April is also the Smithsonian jazz appreciation day. GOsh, we do love us some Smithsonian! They do have some of the awesomest event around town. Go to their website and get the various locations and dates you can enjoy some of their fun events. you simply must.
  • THere are also some film festivals planned in DC, Virginia and MD with showing of movies/films of various genre. some outdoor some indoors (perfect during the april showers). Go here to see all options.
  • SOme of the events are culturally educational. allowing us to explore various culture’s food, music, art, etc. The Around the World Embassy tour is a perfect way to learn about our neighbors and cultures across the oceans and seas. Many embassies participate in this event bringing us information and entertainment that show us that we are similar in many ways than not. Go here to learn more and get locations for events.
  • PHW_586479Japan gave us the bonsai trees in the National Arboretum, the cherry blossoms we get to enjoy every year and sushi among many other things. and on April 16th they give us the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. You will see  performances on three stages, martial arts demonstrations, interactive exhibits, food from many japanese restaurants and product from japanese vendors. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be there to witness this majestic culture. Really, why?
  • National Harbor Food and Wine festival is another must. Taking place April 23-24 right at the water with live music, over 100 wines, spirits and beers, wood tasting. Be there or be square people. There is a lot that can be missed, this is not one.
  • DC Funk parade on U Street Corridor is another favorite with its live performance, workshops, artists, food and so so so much more. This fun funky party is taking place on May 7th and guys, IT’S FREE! Can’t beat that!
  • And we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t share our absolute favorite. The National Cathedral flower mart on May 6-7. Here you get to  witness gorgeous displays of flower arrangements produced by embassies and international designers, you get to tour the Cathedral grounds and see the beautiful landscapes and perennials, there is musical entertainment, gourmet food and various activities for children and families.HW0_207648
  • Lastly for our health enthusiasts, or rather Yoga enthusiasts, we do not want you to miss out on the GINORMOUS D.C. yoga week where many studios offer discounted or free sessions and finish off with the exclamation point where over a thousand yoga loves of various stages of experiences gather at the national Malls near the Vietnam Memorial and  practice yoga. Namaste.

There you are! You have no excuse to not go out and enjoy the festivities of the season. You want to enjoy the sunny days before you get in the hot, humid, oppressive DC summers. We will bring you more summer fun in the near future, but so now we want you to make the best of the rare short-lived spring dais we get in our area. Because you are our customers, and we love our customers!

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